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Community-Based Ladder: 8/17/2015 17:48:12

Level 59
This ladder would be based off of the principle that you can rate templates.

In order to rate the template you would have to play X games on it (I'd say 3-5) and go to the ladder page and rate it 1-5

The percentage of the time a template shows up in a game would be a function of the amount of templates and the rating of the template.

Example for Average ratings and percentage showing up:

Guiroma 4/5
Shows up 26.67% of the time

Strategic 1v1 5/5
Shows up 33.33% of the time

Battle Islands 3/5
Shows up 20% of the time

Ancient Greece 2/5
Shows up 13.33% of the time

China 1/5
Shows up 6.67% of the time

So Strategic 1v1 would show up 5 times more often than China 1v1 in this scenario, because it is 5 times higher rated.

Such a ladder would be very similar to the current RT ladder, except templates like EA&O and others that people dislike would show up less than like Battle Islands.

Would such a system be cool to implement or too tedious? If not, would it be practical to make it as a CLOT?

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Community-Based Ladder: 8/18/2015 23:49:56

Level 60
You did not really ask any question here, so I will answer what I think the question is...

Would this be cool?

The answer is YES. It could be done as a CLOT, though I am not sure anyone has made a rotating template CLOT yet (I know it can be done though).

You could weight the templates based on votes and select one randomly with weights.

But, I'm not sure about your weighting process. How could you possibly check to see if someone has played X number of games on it? To do that, it would have to be the same exact template ID. Meaning, if you and I both have Strat ME 1v1 saved in our own template list with the same settings, they still have a different ID. If it were me, I'd skip the requirement of playing on a template as I'm sure we are talking about pretty main stream templates. You may be able to require games played on the MAP though, that would be possible I would think since that is already an open seat filter.

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Community-Based Ladder: 8/19/2015 02:25:33

Level 59
@ChrisCMU You are correct, the question is "Would/Should this be implemented/made as a CLOT". I'll edit that into the original post, maybe that is why this thread got no replies until you.

Also, I meant X games played on that template on that ladder. That should be a lot easier to check. Someone has made a rotating template CLOT, the Real-Time CLOT. The only major difference is templates would show up more/less often based on community approval.

Edited 8/19/2015 02:27:16
Community-Based Ladder: 8/19/2015 04:37:26

Level 58
^^ ChrisCMU's point is very important to consider. Fizzer needs to add a template query API that allows us to check for template settings (even basic ones would make it easier to track duplicates) and also get minimum levels without having to go through the DARKLORDS to get a player for each level from L18 to L56 (or something like that- I don't quite remember) and then query the validate token API with the template to determine which level the template requires for non-Members. Would also be useful to get what sort of unlockables (e.g., "CanUseBombCard") a template requires.

Another idea I had for a somewhat similar league- I wanted to make a more dynamic clan league-type setup with template flexibility where templates would be weighed differently based on how often they've been played. Would still run into the duplicate issue if I stuck with the CLOT framework, but you're already familiar with the workaround I'm working on so I'm not going to mention it by name until I actually release it. <_<
Community-Based Ladder: 8/19/2015 04:45:30

Level 59
Knyte, the thing you are working on would be interesting to see weighted appearences on, especially considering the 1.0 had over 60 templates.
Community-Based Ladder: 8/19/2015 05:05:35

Level 60
Yeah but Ben the issue is if you use that CLOT template id, then anybody that did not play the clot would get no votes on which templates are preferred.

It also would mean any template that is new/different could not be voted on.

Edited 8/19/2015 05:06:17
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