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The Gengammubal Album "Fact Check": 8/12/2015 22:41:53

Level 54

(hell yeah....)
(Damn son, Hinduism has a lot of Gods)
(I'll start us off, aight aight aight?)

A man from the dark, been riding 20 years : shooting up the haters and hunting up the deers/
But eventually I started growing beef, with all of the n*ggas who be thinking they're the chief/
Came upon a game called warlight, conquered the Earth until the break of daylight/
Played 3v3's, Diplomacy and FFA, joined a Livestream or 2 and watched Hey Heu Hei/

But a problem that kept on persisten', I make these rap hits and the n*ggas keep dissin'/
So all you dirty f*ckers listen : put your skull between 2 rapid-fire pistons/
Got a frenchie who is an atheist, but bring up religion and the bugger gets pissed/
Got a Phillian whose acting like an alien, needs an alt account for when he hits up the Valium/

I'm calling these double features out, why don't you play nice with the other dirty mice/
Goddammit this single is the thrice, but mess with me and I'll cook you into red beans and rice/
Got an automatic weapon for a sucka, oh and your girlfriend? I f*ck'd her/
So if you see me in the house you better duck; cuz 1v1 MME , boy you're outta luck/
The Gengammubal Album "Fact Check": 8/12/2015 22:54:37

Level 4
I'm the peaceful Mohandas Gandhi, muslims think I'm thin till I Iron Fist like a commie/
I believe strongly in equality, but f*ck with my sh*t and I go kamikaze/
Bitches like to think that I fast, truth is my rap's so hot that I leave a n*gga in the past/
Fact check that sh*t before you think it's legit, cuz spew some crap and you'll take a Nuke hit/

My Brother Genghis says he be the best, that may be true but I'm kickin ass at Chess/
An MC better respect me, for Mahatma Gandhi is of a higher quality/
In a 2v2v2v2, I always win the match and I pull my teammate through/
That's just how the AI works, it's got its little quirks but give if it sees a neutral it'll jerk/

I hate a hater hating on the Mongols, they'll f*ck a n*gga up like a pack of mongrels/
Kill you from afar wit day bow, if you wanna CQC assh*le that's a no-go/
Don't be arrogant son cuz I will wreck, you can consider this to be today's fact check/
So if you see me in the house you better duck; cuz 1v1 MME, boy you're outta luck/
The Gengammubal Album "Fact Check": 8/12/2015 23:03:31

Level 5
I'm Peter the Great and I'm keeping it straight and the AI can't collaborate with the speed of my raps at this rate yo homie you late to the show if you don't got a bow and you don't got a ho and you cannot get low when you own all of Russias you making the dough/
I'll enlighten a n*gga on why he's outdated and I'm quicker and I'm developing a modern society of a larger and more massive propriety/
Go ahead and make a fact check if you think I'm not correct but if I correctly recollect then I reckon that my empire is from the Czech to Vladivostok (vlad-ih-vah-stek)/

The Gengammubal Album "Fact Check": 8/12/2015 23:07:00

Level 54


The Gengammubal Album "Fact Check": 8/13/2015 00:00:27

Level 59
8/10. Here's some things you should do if you want to take this more seriously and keep doing it for fun:

1. Take away the pictures at the end.

2. Quality > Quantity, make it a monthly thing so people know when it is coming and they expect it.
The Gengammubal Album "Fact Check": 8/13/2015 00:05:34

Level 54
1. The pictures at the end are the icing on the cake. They make people scroll back up to see the lyric and have a laugh about it, or so they remember that lyric moreso than they would normally, and ultimately get a better , friendlier feel about the raps.

2. I am only making 2 more singles for this Album. Whether or not I'll make another album I might make a poll. But I made this one 9 days after my last one, "Diplomacy N*gga", which I made 5 days after "Mo' Picks Mo' Problems".

On the other hands, my last single will be a solo track.

I am not sure if I will make another single outside of my solo track, as I am currently at odds on who I would want in another single.
The Gengammubal Album "Fact Check": 8/13/2015 00:24:31

Gen. NumbNuts
Level 48
1/10 critics loved this new album in North Korea. Kim Jon Un being the 1 and the other 9 being dead(too much 'western culture').

#1 best seller in North Korea

The people love it! The supreme leader loves it! All of North Korea loves it.(save for the 9 dead critics because they hated it).
The Gengammubal Album "Fact Check": 8/13/2015 23:21:50

Level 54
Hey! Vote on what you want to see happen to the Gengammubal Album, now that it's about to end.

And just an unofficial poll, what's everybody's favorite Single?!

Vote here

Results here
The Gengammubal Album "Fact Check": 8/14/2015 00:26:05

Level 54
Looks as though we have yet to reach a consensus. The call will go to whichever option gets 66% of the vote.
The Gengammubal Album "Fact Check": 8/14/2015 00:51:07

Level 54
Did everybody catch the entendre? What's your favorite line? Who liked or disliked the "diss" portion? Know who the diss portion refers to? My my my I'm having fun with this :p
The Gengammubal Album "Fact Check": 9/4/2015 05:30:28

Level 54
It's been s long wait, but the second half of the Gengammubal Album is in production. There will be 2 more singles. The fourth shall be the last collab of the album. Mehmed of Turks as well as Julius Caesar will be involved. The fifth single of the album will be a solo piece of mine.

Whose pumped?
The Gengammubal Album "Fact Check": 9/4/2015 12:54:50

Tyrion Lannister
Level 54

Would not go near fire in order to listen to it though.
The Gengammubal Album "Fact Check": 9/4/2015 14:52:43

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
Shoulda dissed Tyrion the fascist.
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