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To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 11:21:26

Level 55
1. Multiday real-time ladder

Games are played multiday, but turns are played in real-time. How? Click "play" and the moment you begin to look at Next Turn, a five minute timer begins. You put in your orders and then have three days before you could be autobooted. Two minutes vs two days is a form of asymmetric warfare.

2. App-only tournaments/ladder(s)

The website plays better than the app. If you play from the website on a computer with a large screen and I play from the app on my phone with a small screen, you have technical advantages. Clicking (on options, on the map, on armies, on history, etc.) and view are the biggest differences. Phone app vs computer website is a form of asymmetric warfare.

3. Rate forum posts anonymously

Like/dislike. Rate like maps are rated, giving a post a -5 to +5 rating. People might try harder to be relevant, or at least know what others think. Threads could be ordered based on total, overall positive ratings. And posts that reach negative X points could be automatically deleted or minimized.

4. Single-player 3v3 Europe ladder

My account controls all three "players" on my team, your account controls all three "players" on your team. It's a 1v1 in the form of a 3v3. Europe 3v3 is fun. But Warlight isn't as fun as it used to be. People talk too much in team games, causing turns to take forever. Puppeteering occurs in various forms: weaker players do what stronger players ask. I don't want to talk and argue about moves or waste time instructing others what to do. I just want to be a silent assassin or lose quietly and without all the hassle. Team games requiring too much talk is too much of a time investment. Add in feature #1 above and we have the greatest ladder possible.

5. Qi creates all ladder templates and two new ladders

Let's face it, my templates are better than the current ladder templates. 1v1 ladder stays the same. 2v2 template sucks. RA and I made a good map together, but it shouldn't be played with those settings. RT templates have many of my templates, but not the best ones. Seasonal ladder templates tend to suck or be mild disappointments. Qi templates can make Warlight fun, interesting or more strategic.

6. Anonymous game mode

Players play anonymously. The names/profiles of adversaries are not displayed until the game ends. Adapt to what you see, not what you expect. Play the board, not the player.

7. Anonymous profile option for members

Why must member profiles be visible to all? Why must the flag of my country of residence be visible to all, even if I don't play coin games? Greater anonymity = more privacy. I'd buy a new membership for greater privacy/anonymity.

8. Reward mapmakers with coins

Use a formula based on games played and average map rating to reward mapmakers who make Warlight better. Appreciation and incentives go a long way.

9. Universal ELO game mode

Have three game modes: unranked, ranked, universal ELO. Make all tournament and ladder games count as universal ELO. Too many people surrender or quit in tournament and ladder games. Universal ELO could function as the most definitive ranking. It could be listed as a ladder, but any game played with the universal ELO game mode could count. Ladder rankings should also be structured so variety of (a) templates, (b) maps, and (c) settings (cards, multiattack, fogs, FFAs, team games, 1v1s, etc.) factor into the rating system. Basically, it would be like he level system, except it would be meaningful and competitive.

10. Ban Gnuffone

Because he is a clown. Let him come back as New Phony 2.0

Edited 8/12/2015 12:06:11
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 11:49:09

master of desaster 
Level 65
Impressive list. I like all points of it! I have collected many of your templates but would you be so nice and post a link here, or if you don't want everyone to use them, could i pm you to complete that collection? I'd appreciate it.
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 12:14:55

[WM] แต€แดดแดฑ๐“•๐“ป๐“ฒ๐“ญ๐“ฐ๐“ฎ 
Level 59
Agree with almost everything with a little exception for 3) and 10) I won't discuss the latter, but as for 3) it should be limited to a group of moderators, and only visible to them - similar access system to that for report reviewers. Immediately after you open the rating system to the whole community, alts would start to dance around..
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 12:52:45

Level 48
Interesting, let me add my opinion.

1) No
It serves little purpose(games don't go faster because still multiday boot)
I assume you want this to "balance" the playing field, but it is up to the player to figure out how much time he/she has and how many and which games he can accept.
It would confuse new players.
ps:RT-autogames have 5 min direct boot and 3 days auto.

2) Sounds okay, dunno how complicated this will be to code.

3) Why anonymously ?
There's plenty of trolls on warlight, if a post gets many down/upvotes i wanna know whether someone whose opinion i value put them here or a random newb.
Also, just +1-option and -1option is better, it's no use scrolling/clicking to the -5/+5 buttons whenever a user wants to up/downvote, forumposts are not as important as maps.

I don't know whether actuallypromoting multiple accounts would be a good thing for Warlight.
Other then that, this is something for "elite"-players, it would also need a lot of managing,
maybe something like this should be set-up by a player either by communication and manually setting games up or through CLOT.

Go prove yourself worthy by setting up 4), Fizzer would then listen to you i'm sure.

6)Pretty good actually.
I think a few questions regarding coin-games have to be discussed first.
(mainly, if players enjoy the "join anonymously, play unanonymously" setting going on it gets confusing, then again, maybe a majority wouldn't mind scrapping that setting entirely)

7) +1

8) Yes.
Mapmakers would have to wait quite a while before there's a reliable rating and they get rewarded(or not, if they suck) but still a good proposal.

9)You 've been asking for this for years haven't you ?
I doubt making another category of "importance of games" will make players care more about the games in that category, also some tournaments are greatly unbalanced.
Maybe on the stats-page it could show the # of tournies won & # tournies played.

10) I don't think you have the coins to bribe Fizzer to do that.
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 12:52:57

professor dead piggy 
Level 59
Financial incentives do not encourage ingenuity and innovation, this is american ideology. People make cool stuff because its cool not because they get paid, this is the ideology of people with integrity. A lack of money isnt standing between us and a deluge of incredible maps. If he wants more cool maps Fizz should increase the file sizes permitted and give us more tools to make map making fast and easy.
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 13:04:53

Level 60
Gui is back \o/
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 13:11:36

Level 48
Financial incentives are a great way of SHOWING APPRECIATION though, even when the money doesn't cover the time/energy put into a map it shows that the community appreciates and likes it.
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 13:23:16

[WM] Gnuffone 
Level 60
Guiiiii <3

#4 +100000000000
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 13:35:58

Level 60
which account has gui been using lately?
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 13:38:55

professor dead piggy 
Level 59
Qi isnt asking the community to do anything, least of all give map makers coins, hes asking for fizzer to pay people (Qi). The community can and does show appreciation for maps all the time, maybe some of us do show our appreciation by giving coins? Thats fine, but it isnt incentivisation, I really hope noone is out there making maps for the adulation.

Good stuff doesnt get made because its incentivised, its done for the love of it, no exceptions.
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 13:44:47

Level 58
+1 to piggy

Not everything needs to be part of capitalism.
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 13:51:49

Level 60
Yeah, I made my Great Lakes map in hopes it would be a 3v3 option (since it seems very hard to get something as a viable alternative to europe). I made my other two maps just because I like games that had those maps and figured it would be fun to play on. I am making the other two now for reasons other than recognition as well.

But I do agree there could be some better tools there to help us out.
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 13:56:48

Level 57
It's not Capitalism... It's just rewarding map-makers for their work.

What inspires a map-maker?

1. Like an artist he wants to do something creative.
2. Inspiration from other maps/Map-makers.
3. Fame Recognition RespecT?

I would view is a sign of appreciation.

Edited 8/12/2015 14:15:00
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 13:59:42

Level 59
+ Infinity GUIroma as 2v2 Ladder template.

As for the forum +5 and -5 thing, Fizzer definitely has the programming ability to make it so that you can only vote 1 time from each IP

Edited 8/12/2015 14:15:29
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 14:13:46

Level 54
1) If you are losing multi day games because you are taking 2 minute turns that is your own problem.

2) Definitely an issue. I'd be a bit weary of splitting up the player base though, is there any way the app can be improved to make things easier?

3) Dislike because alts as fridge said. Give moderators more power and allow us to choose which sub forums appear when you show all forums posts, with off topic unchecked by default.

5) Let us vote on templates or at least have some sort of panel that chooses them. If yours are the best they will get picked.

6) Nice idea but where would it get used? Anonymous tournaments and ladders? Most good players want to play against other good players so you would need a way to make sure if playing anonymously you won't get matched with bad players. I don't play many FFAs but if a FFA ladder were to be introduced I think this would be the way to go.

7) I can get behind hiding flags but I'm not sure why you would want to hide anything else you can't already. I'm guessing you want to make it impossible for anybody to identify you.

9) Cool idea.

Edited 8/12/2015 14:19:02
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 14:52:33

Level 60
fizer says he just makes enough cash for himself, so he should only spend Money in stuff which could increase the revenue, i doubt mapmaking increases the revenue (unless it is strategically defined in order to target specific publics)
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 15:11:15

professor dead piggy 
Level 59
UGH. Map makers get a reward for their work already, its the fucking map that they made.
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 15:44:26

Level 60
They can also win map of the week as well.
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 16:28:08

Level 55
It seems some of the ideas are not clear enough.

1. Chess games are timed. Being able to think fast and strategically in less time is a skill. Some people are busier than others. Timed restrictions make things interesting. I am too busy to play real-time and don't have time to think about moves in multiday. If I plahed, I would be at a disadvantage. Real-time multiday is good because it would make casual play strategic and fair.

3. The main idea is to rate forum posts in order to filter information and make the forum more interactive/fun. However this is done is fine. I merely offer possibilities.

4. This isn't promoting multiple accounts. It's promoting more functionality with one account, which would allow games to fill up faster and allow for more ladder possibilities.

8. A mere trickle, pennies per month, is not "capitalism." It is appreciation and an indication of total games played and ratings. Mapmakers have asked for more detailed information about how often their maps are played. In lieu of such information, Fizzer throwing coin at us like passers-by would a homeless man works. If Warlight is still around in 20 years and a guy like Ra could cash out with $20 gained from the mapmaker coin trickle fund, that would be enough.

Piggy, don't be so sensitive about the ills of "capitalism." Try to see it my way...We can work it out. Life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting, my friend.

Edited 8/12/2015 16:31:46
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 16:36:26

Level 55
mod, I don't want to go deeper into the website than the forum. A list of some templates was put up in the 20 clan's forum. Ask to join for a day or something.
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 17:14:35

Level 57
@Dead Piggy

Why the fuck can they not get appreciated? This isn't from the perspective of the Map-Maker it's in the perspective of the game appreciating the map-maker.. Why should I care.. I amn't a mapmaker or fizzer.. Fucking hell -.-
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 17:43:21

Level 54
Nice to see GUI.

On the other hand, i couldn't laugh at this list or agree to much of it.
To make Warlight a better place: 8/12/2015 17:55:01

à la recherche du temps perdu 
Level 57
1) Why not. I won't play this kind of games. But if some players are more comfortable to play like that... why not. If it's open game or a tourney, just don't join if you don't like.

2) I agree. The app is weak. it's even maybe why WL has less and less players. If you only play the app, WL is a lot less interesting. As in the game, it's less easy to play with "app-players": they can't read links, big maps are an issue... Though it will lead to more and more categories of WL players (RT, MD, App, Computer, Multi-attack, diplo, role playing... it tends to divide the community. So idk. But Qi is clearly pointing something out.

3) Don't care.

4) Finally somebody who agree with me! Not simply because people are talkative (lol), but because it adds something to the game. IMHO this is the ultimate way to rate a player. You have to master 1vs1 and team games strategy. +1000

ps: another anti-alt possible measure

5) hehehe. Gui. While I'm glad to see you coming back with an interesting thread. I just remember why you make people cringe. Just be humble, even if you're maybe right :)

(Could you show us your favorite Europe 3vs3 template? Actually I'm curious to see if it's 3 picks/player or 4? After playing 4 picks for a while it appears to me it's boring. I prefer to come back to 3 but don't know why. The fans of "game theory" and the "calculators" seem to prefer 4 picks when the "intuition" players (you would say "art of war" players I guess) seem to prefer 3 picks.)

6) Why not. Don't really care. I'm not sure of the benefit. But as for everything, you first have to try it before you come to an opinion.

7) Don't care and too late for me. everybody knows I'm french! Even if I'm usually sensitive about privacy.

8) Why not. A Fizzer's topic. not mine.

9) Same answer than for 1): Join or decline if you don't like. But +1 because that would give some more incentive to join tourneys.

10) Silence is golden. at least should be for Gnuff
To make Warlight a better place: 8/15/2015 04:15:02

Purple Illusions 
Level 51
Disagree with Piggy's sentiment. Great things are definitely made for monetary gain.

If I make a quality product it will sell better (typically) than an inferior product. While I might strive to make a superior product for reasons other than money, by no means does that mean that if my goal is to make money that my goal can't also to be to do so via making a superior product.

Not to mention that money can be an enabler. ie. I may want to make something, but be unable to dedicate the time required to do so unless being paid for the time and effort put into its creation.
To make Warlight a better place: 8/15/2015 06:18:48

Beren • apex 
Level 63
Yeah but the amount of money we'd likely be talking about here is not remotely enough to make it worthwhile to make maps for the purpose of making money considering the amount of time it takes to make a really good map. So it's not likely to encourage anyone to make a great map who wouldn't already want to do so.
To make Warlight a better place: 8/15/2015 07:45:01

Level 44

been waiting for anonymous games for a few years now...
feel that it is essential to true skill.
To make Warlight a better place: 8/15/2015 10:02:19

Level 60
Who has bigger ego: Gnuff or Qi?
To make Warlight a better place: 8/15/2015 10:05:00

professor dead piggy 
Level 59
Yes, money is almost always a part of the creative process, as an 'enabler' aka capital. Giving people who want to create and innovate the capital to do it will certainly result in better quality products, no question, but that is not an incentive. I think the kind of capital that map makers need is not cash, its better tools and larger file sizes.

If you want to make money there will always be a shedload of better ways than creating something great from scratch. The people I know who want to get cash all go to work for big corporations, they dont sit at home or in a lab tinkering with stuff that they think is cool. You cannot bribe someone who has little interest in making something awesome into making something awesome. How much cash would someone have to give you for you to create the next google, or the next wright flyer or the next warlight?
To make Warlight a better place: 8/15/2015 10:34:17

Level 57
I think the kind of capital that map makers need is not cash, its better tools and larger file sizes.
+1, though I'll always accept coin donations :)
To make Warlight a better place: 8/15/2015 11:17:16

Level 55
On egos and Warlight:

If ego is the mediary between one's id and superego, and if all Warlight accounts are by definition an alter ego or, in my case, predominantly an alter id, it would be rather difficult to answer the question "Whose ego is bigger?" without real world observational data.

Does the question assume the context that all Warlight accounts are alter egos, as if all logical discourse on Warlight operates at the level of otherness? Or, does the questioner ignore this and assume the real world of egos and the Warlight world of alter egos are one and the same?

Or, is the question a mere pop-culture deconstruction of Freudian theory, happily applied to Warlight's world of alter egos and so-called trolls?

The way I interpret the question, based on what I know about myself and Gnuffone (whom I knew before any of you did), makes me believe the question would be better stated as "Is Qi's alter id bigger than Gnuffone's alter ego?" My response: maybe.

About coins for mapmakers:

Warlight could easily reduce what it gives to the gamblers each month and instead use trickle-down economics to give to others (or simply work on its balance sheet). Coins are already being given to people. How they are given and to whom could and has been adjusted.
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