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Who host your games?: 8/3/2015 19:01:06

Widzisz • apex 
Level 60
I checked all my games since I'm back, and made a pizza chart with results:

"Open" slice represent the games with open seats that I joined, most of these were 1vs1 auto-games. It include all ladder and tournament games as well. ~60% of my games.

Games included in "Me" slice are those I created and invited someone (no open seats), "also me" are the games I created with open seats. ~34% of my games.

"Others" are the games where someone invited me to a game. ~6% of my games.

Conclusion: People don't like me :(
Who host your games?: 8/3/2015 19:10:59

Level 58
I can invite but I am not good.

Conclusion : Widwiz is too good. Players don't like to join games where odds of winning are low.

How about tournaments ? Are they part of the chart ?

Edit : Beta trophy. I am jealous.

Edited 8/3/2015 19:14:17
Who host your games?: 8/4/2015 03:47:09

Master of the Dead 
Level 63
lol.. I like widz!!

Of the 25-30 games we've played, I've created just 1 :P

Conclusion: I'm the laziest person ever :D
Who host your games?: 8/4/2015 05:13:05

Cata Cauda
Level 58
Why do you do this to me?
I just wanted to go to bed at 7am and then you come with a picture of a pizza. Thank you, now I must eat a pizza :/
Who host your games?: 8/4/2015 06:23:47

Des {TJC}
Level 58
I've created like maybe 20 games, and 10 of them were against Lolowut. (He crushed me everytime.)

Other than that its been primarily open games and now recently Kynte and tournaments.

Conclusion:I don't like hosting games :S
Who host your games?: 8/4/2015 09:15:57

Level 60
As the open represents 60% you should disambiguate
Who host your games?: 8/4/2015 09:50:24

Level 58
Out of my current games -

OxTheArtist - 4
OxTheArtist (CSL Games) - 2
TheDukeofDank - 2
He Who Must Not be Named - 4
OnlyThePie - 3
knyte - 5
xXOmegaXx - 4
Circlejerk clan centred games (but I'm also invited because I'm cool) - 3
Other invitational games - 6
Tournament (knyte) - 2
Tournament (Pink) - 2
Tournament (Others) - 2
Open - 2
Who host your games?: 8/4/2015 10:03:14

Level 60
for my past 100 games:
60 tournaments
14 ladder
8 open games
4 games opened by me
4 games i was invited to
2 coin games
4 clan ladder games
Who host your games?: 8/4/2015 12:31:18

Level 59
Knytes games created:

40% CSL ( not played by him)
5% 1v1 vs me
55% Idk

Edited 8/4/2015 12:31:36
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