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Warzone ladders are competitive arenas where players compete for the highest spot on the ladder.

You can find the main ladder pages by clicking the Ladders sub-tab under the Multi-Player tab. This is where players can join or leave the ladder, or see the up-to-date standings.


[edit] Ladders

Warzone currently has four ladders:

[edit] How Ladders Work

In the Warzone ladders, you don't get to choose who you play against. Instead, the ladder sets up games for you. You can, however, pick how many games you'd like to be playing at any given time.

Warzone ladders use ELO-based rating systems to rank players by their skill level. Based on the results of your ladder games, you will receive a rating that will be used to give you a rank on the ladder's scoreboard.

[edit] Rewards

There are two ways to earn rewards: Holding a high rank and achieving a new league. The rank rewards are given out every Sunday to all players who have been in the ladder for the entire week prior.

A gold trophy will also be awarded to any player who holds the #1 rank when rewards are given out.

To see the rewards offered by any ladder, open that ladder's page and click Rewards.

[edit] Leaving the Ladder

Players are free to leave the ladder and re-join it at any time. Leaving the ladder does not delete any on-going games, it just stops new games from being created for you. Your rating continues to be updated even when you’re not participating in the ladder. However, you will not receive a rank while not in the ladder and, therefore, won’t be included on the leaderboard. If you re-join the ladder, your existing rating will be used to rank you just as it was before you left. This makes it easy to take breaks in case you’re going to be away from Warzone for a while.

Note that only are only eligible to receive rewards if you stay in the ladder for the entire week leading up to the rewards being given out on Sunday.

[edit] Rules

A player is not allowed to have multiple accounts joined to a ladder at the same time. Violations will be punished with a warning and then a suspension.

[edit] See Also

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