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This article is about the diplomacy mod. For information about the diplomacy gametype, see Diplomacy Gametype.

This is a mod that prevents allied players from attacking each other. With this mod, there are no more Public Enemies, and you do not necessarily have to declare war anymore.

If you are not a member, ask a member to create a game with this mod for you!

As of November 3, 2018: Unlike regular diplo games, there are 2 main differences: - when proposing an alliance, you have to select for how many turns alliances will last. - everyone starts at war with each other. If you don't want to allow people to attack each other at the beginning of the game, the game creator should add the Safe Start Mod and select 2 as the number of turns.

[edit] How to use:

Use the mod menu to propose alliance for x number of turns. Click Game, then Mod:Diplomacy, then Propose Alliance.

[edit] FAQ

Q: What happens if I attack someone I'm allied with? A: Your attacks will be ignored (your attack order will be skipped)

Q: I am allied with someone; how do I break off the alliance? A: Propose an alliance of 1 turn. The other player has to accept it. The last proposed and accepted alliance overrides the previous alliance between 2 players. If the other player does not accept the new alliance, you will have to wait for your existing alliance to end.

Q: Someone attacked me but we were allied. They are Public Enemy, right? A: No, your alliance expired. When alliances expire, assume that war starts right away!

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