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The create game wizard is a sequence of steps that allows players to create Warzone games. This consists of choosing a template, choosing a map, customizing settings and inviting players.

It can be found under both the single-player and multi-player tabs. Under multi-player, simply click the Create Game sub-tab. Under single-player, click the Custom Game sub-tab.


[edit] Choosing a template

You can choose to use any of the built-in single or multiplayer templates or one of your own saved multiplayer or single player templates.

[edit] Choosing a map

There are over 2700 maps to choose from and they're in several categories.

[edit] Customizing settings

It's possible to customize settings from a template that you've choose, or you can make your own custom game from scratch.

[edit] Inviting players

You must invite between 2 and 40 players per game. The players that you invite to your game consist of your friends, open seats and AI.

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