Levels by Nikitan

Expansions of Austria - AFOE 01

Vienna Pact - AFOE 02

Invasion of Hungary - AFOE 03

Slovakian Nationalists - AFOE 04

Regional Frenemies - AFOE 05

An ally in trouble - AFOE 06

Betrayal! - AFOE 07

Another ally? - AFOE 08

Tensions rise - AFOE 09

German Dispute - AFOE 10

World War III - AFOE 11

Beat the boss - AFOE FINAL

Random Cold War

Continent wars

Hyperrandom level

Blitzberg simulator

Blitzkrieg - sealion version

Japan Siege

Siege of Sydney

Transnistria: The Forgotten Nation

Why all the "why" levels?

Sino-Japanese war

Siege of Sevastopol




Svalbard Campaign

WW1 Afrika front

Second Italian war of Independence

War of 1812

Rise of Prussia

Balkan War

Hungarian Defense

Italian Campaign

Power gap

Seven Years' War [Prussia]

Prussia: Wars of Unification

Seven Years' War [Russia]

Seven Years' War [United Kingdom]

Seven Years' War [Spain]

Seven Years' War [Portugal]

Aragonese-Genoan war [1442]

Genoa-Savoy war of recognition [1447]

Genoa-Venician colonial war [1459]

Genoa-Tunis war [1468]

Pirates of the Caribbean

Fall of Spain

Small Earth 1 Wasteland


American Civil War


Amhara Republic

Russian Conquests

Siege: Kyoto Imperial Palaces


Arab revolts

10th Russo-Turkish war

Dardanelles Campaign

Four Cast(i)les

Viking Raids

Civil war but no

Kievan Defences

American Rebellion

Great Retreat

Raid on the Suez

Peninsular War

One-state solution

Sonderbund War

Norwegian Campaign

Estonian War into Nordic

Schlieffen Plan

Allied Intervention in Iran


Blitzkrieg through Europe

Second Russian Civil War



Polish Resistence

War of the Pacific


modest 1v1

Venezuelan Crisis

Tannu Tuvan Civil War

Division-level warfare

Indian Revolt

Liberation of French West Africa

Korean War


Topple the government!