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What should I have Done Differently?: 7/14/2015 05:58:24

Idiot Savant
Level 13
I don't feel I played terrible, but moreso that my opponent was bad than I played well.


What should I have Done Differently?: 7/14/2015 06:19:29

Level 51
Picks: I think your picks turned out well. You read the map properly and ended with a 1/2/6 that give you all 3 of your opponent's starts- and the SE Asia FTB. The only modification I would consider would be swapping your ordering with a 1/4 2/3 on East China/SE Asia and Brazil/Mexico just to make it more likely that you would interfere with your opponent's picks (or 1/4 2/3 on Mexico/Brazil East China/SE Asia to be even more disruptive)... but really I like the results you got from the picking stage. That 1/2/6 is just perfect.

Expansion: Okay, so you got unlucky on the India FTB :(. Also, I don't know if you made the riskiest move (Pakistan) first because you normally do so or because you had intel, but if it was the former reason then make your risky moves last- if you and your opponent send a 4v2 to the same spot, the second attacker is much more likely (about twice as much) to get it because the first one not only has to defend but also has to deal with the neutrals already in place. These rules are, of course, different with 0 neutrals, but this template had 2 neutrals instead of 0.

Since you knew your opponent was in Scandinavia and wouldn't have a bonus by the end of Turn 1, you could've also added 1 (or even 2) to the 4 in Greenland and used a late attack to block the Scandinavia bonus, which would've stalled your opponent's growth (but also creates potential risk because you might not be able to deploy enough armies later on to defend those thinned troops- however, if your opponent didn't care about Scandinavia early on, you wouldn't have encountered them as Sweden was the Scandinavia start in this game). But you still broke Scandianvia and expanded better than your opponent, so I don't think that's where the issue lies. You also took proper advantage of intel.

I just realized that you'd won the game... okay, now I'm really stumped.

Small thing:

- When attacking Mexico, you could've also thrown 2 at the other territory in the bonus so you wouldn't be gambling as hard on the likelihood that your opponent would be more vulnerable where you attacked.

I'm really stumped. From one alt to another... this isn't really the sort of game you can look at to figure out improvements in your strategy.
What should I have Done Differently?: 7/14/2015 06:26:08

Level 59
My thoughts are you need to play more games, against tougher opponents, it's the only way to improve. You can only really learn from losing a game.
What should I have Done Differently?: 7/14/2015 06:57:38

Level 58
^ Agreed. 1v1 ladder is a good starting point. If you're stuck with auto games, try to wait for good opponents (just wait for L55+ if you don't have time to check profiles for ladder results/win rates) before joining the game.
What should I have Done Differently?: 7/14/2015 06:59:14

Level 58
I don't really know why you think you played badly. Looking through the history I thought you played well, apart from getting the India FTB. The turning point was probably when you took Baja on the last turn which would've led to his downfall.

Anyway, congrats on your win
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