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Favorite Movies (by genre): 7/13/2015 02:08:08

Tyrion Lannister
Level 54
Simply put in your favorite movies by genre.

Horror- Scream (the original)

Musical- Les Miserables (2012)

Fantasy- LotR RotK

Sci-Fi- Star Wars Episode 3

TV Show- Smallville

Documentary- What Would Jesus Buy?

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Favorite Movies (by genre): 7/13/2015 03:23:24

Level 55
Horror - Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

War - Generation War(technically a 3 parter TV but each episode is as long a movie)

Action-Adventure - Master and Commander Far Side of The World

Sci-fi - Edge of Tomorrow

TV - The Walking Dead

Documentary - WWII HD

Mystery - Exam

Thriller - Archangel (3 parter like Generation War)

Anime - Knights of Sidonia
Favorite Movies (by genre): 7/13/2015 03:52:21

Level 32
Forest Gump
Pirates of the Caribbean (All movies)
The Cherokee Kid
Smoke Signals
Pow wow Highway
Favorite Movies (by genre): 7/13/2015 04:03:39

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
Sci-Fi - Revenge of the Sith

Animated comedy - The Road to El Dorado

Shooting - Red Dawn (original)

War? Romance? Foreign? Christmas? - Joyeux Noel
Favorite Movies (by genre): 7/14/2015 08:50:24

The Mad Japanese
Level 51
Horror: Shawn of the Dead

War: Pearl Harbor

Action-Adventure: Pirates of the Caribbean (1st-3rd)

Sci-Fi: Back to the Future

TV: Doctor Who (Original and Renewed)

Documentary: WWII HD

Fantasy: LoTR

Anime: Undecided (Too much Good and Great)
Favorite Movies (by genre): 7/14/2015 16:46:23

Level 59
my top 5 mel brooks movies:

1 blazing saddles
2 robin hood: men in tights
3 spaceballs
4 young frankenstein
5 history of the world, part I

honorable mentions: silent movie, dracula: dead and loving it
Favorite Movies (by genre): 7/24/2015 23:59:18

Empire of Kilos
Level 32
War: Apocalypse now

Comedy: Sharknado

TV show: News

Horror: Them!

Sc-fi: Halo Legends (I only know of it in the DVD form so this may not count)

Adventure: The Crocodile Hunter Collision Course

Documentary: The Crocodile Hunter

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Favorite Movies (by genre): 7/25/2015 01:30:41

#The Prussian Job-Oh yeah, baby...
Level 51
War: Ran

Comedy: Spaceballs
& Life of

Horror: Insidious

Sci-Fi: Star Wars(all episodes)

Documentary: Japan WW2 1944-1945-Kamikaze

Mystery: Teen Wolf

Thriller: District 9
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