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I owe everyone an apology ; (: 7/11/2015 21:37:09

[Wolf] {F} Kellen the Conquerer
Level 51
I really dislike being called an extreme conservative. I like to think of myself as accepting of other solutions and answers to problems. And I admit that I have been failing and being quite rude to others whose brains work differently.

The reason I'm so extreme is because this is the Internet and there are a lot more of you who disagree with me than those who agree. The recent trend of more rights to minorities (besides Mexicans) and the subsequent praising of minorities is just really frustrating. It seems as though it is more cool or hip to be a minority. And how a Aggresive, Black, Gay, Transgender person is praised while a White, Christian, Wealthy man is insulted and hated. I hope you can empathize with me and see my position.

Therefor I promise I will keep an open mind yet still stand for my right ideals. Please accept my apology and accept an offer to have a calm, healthy debate. :D
I owe everyone an apology ; (: 7/11/2015 23:40:21

Level 58
The recent trend of more rights to minorities... is just really frustrating.

In an ideal situation, if you want to vent politically against the liberal bias of the intertubes, you wouldn't be doing so on the forums of a site where people come to play Risk online.

But fear not, brave warrior for the rights of oppressed straight white bourgeois dudes everywhere- I've got you covered! Here are some alternatives-

LIBERAL SITES (not recommended, obviously, but if you want to take the fight to dem lie-berals, go ahead, just as long as it's not on Warlight forums):

Daily Kos Forums: http://www.dailykos.com/news/forums

Huffington Post (use the comments section!): http://huffpost.com


















Fox (use the comments section): http://foxnews.com

The Blaze: http://theblaze.com

Stormfront: http://www.stormfront.org

Also, if you feel very strongly about your views and come to Warlight just to play politics (which it seems like you are), join an actual political simulator! Check out http://reddit.com/r/ModelUSGov (elections are soon! Vote Green-Left in the Ohio River House elections if you think I should have a seat >_<) and http://nationstates.com (you're always welcome to join us in the democratic socialist union, although I feel that Libertatem might be more up your alley).

Good luck, comrade.

Edited 7/11/2015 23:57:44
I owe everyone an apology ; (: 7/12/2015 00:36:08

Level 29
You are not alone. There are others who share the same opinions as you and feel outnumbered as well. :)
I owe everyone an apology ; (: 7/12/2015 00:39:44

Level 56
/r/forwardsfromgrandma is liberal. It's a satirical subreddit that makes fun of US conservatism. Not that I blame you: It's hard to tell when something is satirical on the internet.

Also, some of those conservative subreddits... it's like I'm on /pol/ again.

Edited 7/12/2015 01:06:44
I owe everyone an apology ; (: 7/12/2015 01:03:08

Tyrion Lannister
Level 54
actually, the moment i saw "forwardsfromgrandma" i knew it was satire.

God, the name itself sounds sarcastic...
I owe everyone an apology ; (: 7/12/2015 01:39:05

Level 58
I included /r/forwardsfromgrandma in there as a joke just to see if anyone would notice. Fun thing to do with that subreddit: take something from /r/PoliticalHumor and repost it there to test reddit's self-awareness.

In all fairness, FWG does also have "liberal grandma" posts.
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