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1v1 Training: 6/27/2015 21:27:27

Level 59
A few questions.

1. How are these open seat prerequisites:

50% 1v1 WR
10% Boot Rate
30 Days Since Signup
250 Games Completed

2. What templates should I train in?

- Poland
- Guiroma
- Strat ME
- Ancient Greece
- Battle Islands
- Treasure Map

3. Should I modify any of these templates? I read a strategy guide (I think it was GGs) and it said that I should change settings for variety (Like LD in Strat ME) to change up gameplay.

4. Can any of the players reading this thread play me in a game? Some really skilled players that would be able to give some pointers after destroying me (Probably on Strat ME).

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1v1 Training: 6/27/2015 23:53:55

Level 59
I would suggest becoming top 100 in the ladder before starting to learn other templates. If you aren't in the top 100 in the 1v1 ladder, you are missing some basic things on warlight, and need to figure them out. Once you get in the top 100, then I suggest focusing more on other templates to learn to adjust, and it should make you an all around better player.

To get to the top 100 of the ladder, I suggest 3 things:
A) play the 1v1 ladder: 5 games at a time
B) Make a couple Round Robin Strategic 1v1 tournaments and invite players at or above your level.
C) Watch the picks and gameplay of players who are currently in the top 10. Try to put yourself in their head and see why they picked/played like they did

If you do these three things over the next couple months, you should easily become a top 100 player, likely higher.

If you reach the top 100 of the ladder before the end of July, I am willing to teach you in depth on other templates.

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1v1 Training: 6/28/2015 00:04:30

Level 59
I created an alt that would help me get that high. I probably could achieve it. But anyway, what are the 'basic things' I am missing? Would you care to play a game (Multi-Day) with me?
1v1 Training: 6/28/2015 00:08:50

Level 59
I will go over your most recent ladder games, and see what you may be missing, and point you in the right direction.
1v1 Training: 6/28/2015 01:39:38

The Koala
Level 56
1. could be stricter, depends on how quick you want to find a game.
2. Strat ME, getting good on this means you'll become much better overall.
3. That's a good idea to see how certain settings affect gameplay, what is the difference between WR and SR etc. Do what you think is fun!
4. just make a game with me^^
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