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Make Maps with Vector Magic: 6/17/2015 10:23:15

Olkani [PG] 
Level 62
I used Vector Magic first Time (is a Tip from Dark Mist)

its very simple to make fine Maps with this Tool

here's an example

First Picture

Second Picture

A little bit work with Paint ;-)

Upload to
http://vectormagic.com (Free to try, and results ready right away)

And the first look on map (only a first look !!)


That has not even used one hour

Second look


Edited 6/18/2015 09:40:06
Make Maps with Vector Magic: 6/17/2015 11:31:29

Level 56
Your picture links don't work.
Make Maps with Vector Magic: 6/17/2015 13:51:12

Level 62
Those picture links won't work. It's not in the format of (img)http://image.url/img.jpg(/img), but with [][], instead of ()().

Edit: This is what a working picture url looks like: (img)http://s25.postimg.org/k7s7c5bov/Season_XIX_4th.jpg(/img), but using [][] instead of ()(). For example, this:

Edited 6/17/2015 14:00:59
Make Maps with Vector Magic: 6/17/2015 14:21:44

Olkani [PG] 
Level 62
By me is all working !

i dont understand the problem !


that is what i see

So i hope its better

Edited 6/17/2015 16:57:19
Make Maps with Vector Magic: 6/17/2015 16:10:21

Level 59
Olkani, you're probably hosting them on a site with private settings, so you can see them, but no-one else can. Try hosting them on a public site, like imgur: http://imgur.com/
Make Maps with Vector Magic: 6/17/2015 16:33:35

Level 62
Tried clicking on first pic and, even though I don't know any German, I saw and received a 404. I recognize 404 as page / file not found; hence, why I see a picture of a broken file.

Edited 6/17/2015 16:36:00
Make Maps with Vector Magic: 6/17/2015 17:34:17

Level 60
The pictures are showing now :)
Make Maps with Vector Magic: 6/18/2015 20:15:22

Level 59
Holy crap that's a big boat back there. When I get a chance I'm going to start a thread discussing the basics of perspective that might help you guys out.
Make Maps with Vector Magic: 6/19/2015 06:52:38

Olkani [PG] 
Level 62
Yes has taken a long time to the one noted! but than is the ship so tiny

I'm the map revise yet
Make Maps with Vector Magic: 6/19/2015 07:28:59

[NL] Willem van Oranje
Level 57
Nice devellopment in map making!
I think this vector magic could give warlight a lot of these beautifull maps
Only there is one serious problem
The pictures are still property of the owner. This means using these pictures without refering/permission to the owner would makes you a plagiarist and then you could be prosecutable if this all comes out.
To prevent this from happing some maps cannot be upload due to this "copied" picture.
I would strongly advice that you refer to your source and not copy pictures without any reference.
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