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General Chou Frisé's Wants YOU!: 6/4/2015 23:40:12

Level 59
You may know Woswo and I from our regularly scheduled Tuesday night realtime 2v2 games (you know, the ones that say 3v3 in the template but aren't). We are recruiting players for the upcoming clan league 7. If you are sharp and want to play with other equally pointy players, invite Woswo or Judeburger to a strategic, multi-day game of some kind. You will be judged on the game you create and how well you play, not whether you win or lose.

You can apply to join if you are not a skilled player or if you have no interest in the clan league too, but you will need to do something extra special to convince us. We are not trying to run a huge crew, just a small cohort of top-end talent.
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