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Testing your maps!: 5/26/2015 05:34:24

[WL] Colonel Harthacanute
Level 51
Hi map-makers,

I am HRH Crown Prince Colonel Harthacanute of The Royal Falcons, but most of you know me as simply 'Colonel'.
I am an experienced, and well known diplomacy player. I host an average of two multi-day diplomacies a week, and sometimes real-time games such as my infamous Middle East Endgame Diplomacy.
Due to my game preference, I usually prefer larger maps such as the large US, UK, Europe and Earth maps.

I am now offering to allow others to benefit from my experiences. If you have any large maps which are intended for, or could be used for either custom scenario team games or diplomacy games, contact me by mail or in this thread.

Testing your maps!: 5/26/2015 06:09:56

Level 54
If you want a particular historical event or period depicted in a scenario of your map, I'm here too.

I visited the double post first ):
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