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Card Suggestions: 5/15/2015 17:43:36

Level 35
Multiply/Reproduce Card

Unlock at level 48
The card multiplies the number of armies by X% in a specific territory

Disguise Card :

Unlock at Level 53

Changes the Color of your territories to someone else , other players can't see your name on the players list except you.

PE Card

Unlock at Level 41

The card cancels out all diplomacy and sanction cards from use by the targeted player and increases the no. of armies in a reinforcement card by X% of the user

Exterminate Card

Unlock at Level 47

Eliminates all armies down to 1 in a specific territory

Steal Card

Unlocks at Level 28

Steals a chosen territory.

Cannon Card ( by JMONEY )

Unlocks at : ???

Gives the ability to strike at a distance

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Card Suggestions: 5/15/2015 17:48:51

Level 55
Disguise card might get confusing, but others are good.
Card Suggestions: 5/15/2015 18:16:55

Level 38
How about a 'cannon' card. Gives the ability to strike at a distance.
Card Suggestions: 5/15/2015 18:50:52

Level 35
What level will you unlock it?^

Edited 5/15/2015 18:52:13
Card Suggestions: 5/16/2015 01:33:58

Level 59
Cannon card: already exists. It's called Multi-Attack

Steal card: Just attack them...

Exterminate card: Just attack them...

PE card: extremely overpowered and ridiculous.

Disguise card: What is the purpose of this? Would ruin the "PE" system of diplomacy, a thing you seem fixated on.

Multiply/Reproduce card: place more armies. Don't need a card to place armies.
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