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Tickets for Warlight improvement by krua from Rus: 5/9/2015 20:55:19

krua (from Russia)
Level 58
Hellow! I have a wanted list of improvements for game:

1. Hotkeys. Letters mast be underlined on labels in left menu.

1.1 "S" fast open "Settings"
1.2 "N" fast open "Analyzer"
1.3 "B" fast open "Boot"
1.4 "D" fast open "Cards". Not "B" as now becouse letter "D" is present in word "Cards"
1.5 "C" fast open "Chat"
1.6 "U" fast open "Surrender"
1.7 "V" fast open "Vote to end"
1.8 "M" hotkey for new option for start rematch after player was surrendered or game was ended

2. Rematch. Now after game end its not possible to look history and after press rematch button. Its need additional menu item for rematch. And if possible additional menu item for look points for ended game.

3. More indicator information.

3.1 On distribution phase change label "You will be given %3 teritories" on label "You will be given %3 (whith 5 armies) teritories". It very impotent to know how many armies will be after realized distribution for best choose teritories.

3.2 On commite phase change label "You mast deploy all %5 of your armies first" on more informative "You mast deploy additional %NotDeployedarmy% of your total %5 armies first".
Because now it need to return not only at atack phase and make "ctrl click", but at deploy phase too.

3.3 On surrender button make Label "Surrender (AI, Ac,1)". Where:
AI - is indicator "Surrended players turn into AI" if Yes or value "No" if No
Ac - is indicator "Surrenders must be accepted" or value "No"
%1 - is number for having comming back from AI or 0 if not possible comming back
Variants for this label in left menu:
"Surrender (AI, Ac,1)"
"Surrender (No, Ac,0)"
"Surrender (AI, No,5)"
"Surrender (No, No,0)"
Also is posible make hint on mouse over on this button

4. Dashboard.

4.1 Return in Dashboard buttom for "Return in previous game" which was open before checking Dashboard. This button was before but now I can not find it.

4.2 Make new settings "Number of open games for show in open games" and link for set it near text "+ Show 9 more open games". I want show 50 game in this list. But beginners need only 10, not 15 games. For Promoted Games need another settings. 4 is not so good as only 3 games. Or sameone will want has 50 promoted games.

4.3 In list of games in Dashboard when mouse is over player I want view not only player name but his level too. Now is "Captain Black", but its need "L21 Captain Black"

4.4 Then link "Create new game" is pressed make fast menu for load and create game "from template (1,2,3,4,5)" Where digits "1,2,3,4,5" is number for choose link of template from top of list templates, whith player can manualy set for listed in list templates.

5. Multiply select bonuses. Make "Shift click" for multiply select bonuses and territory for calculate resulting bonus incame for selected territory. If "Shift click" was selected previous selected item it must be deleted from list of selected items.

6 Province detail. Then another player's province is selected:

6.1 Its very need to add information symbol "*" for view is owner was maked commite or not as on right panel in players list.

6.2 It need additional link on player name for "Ctrl click" on him for select all visible player's provinces.
6.3 It need additional link on player team name for select all visible team's provinces.

7. Player profile page. On player profile page after "Blacklist" its need show my information from "Private Note". And its need textfield for fast set note for examle for my reason blacklist him. Its need whithout press label "Private Note".

8. Visible incame. On player popup it need additional informational about Visible incame. But it need not only for this turn but with navigate for previous turns. For view value visible army, visible province, visible incame. And for factical visible incame from deployment phase.

Edited 5/10/2015 13:06:44
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