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Warlight World Cup: 4/25/2015 00:31:42

Level 59
If you are interested, please read the entire post.

The bracket will have a group stage with 8 groups of 4, the top 2 performing groups will move on to the elimination stages.

The template used:


I may be changing it to the map "Earth"

Feel free to suggest changes

To join:
Either send me a mail or drop a reply below, the entire world cup will require 96 (32 Teams) players to begin. You will need to have a team of three. If it does not fill up quickly, I can resort to a 16 Team World Cup.

You will need to say your country name along with your teammates, I suggest picking a well-known country:

Dominica vs Brazil, pick Brazil.

Here is an example of a World Cup Bracket


The tournament will progress in the exact same way as the bracket shown.


Win = 1 point
Lose = 0 points
Vote to End (A bad Idea) 0 points for both teams

If there is a tie between teams, the tiebreaker will be if you beat the certain team.

Edited 4/25/2015 00:37:27
Warlight World Cup: 4/25/2015 00:32:29

Level 59
Also, the World Cup is planned to start on May 5th. The games will be multi-day with a 2-day boot time with 1 day banked.

Edited 4/25/2015 00:33:01
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