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Diplomacy Games: 4/20/2015 12:53:02

Tyrion Lannister
Level 54
Make it a banable offense to break diplo rules.

The # of idiot n00bs is getting ridiculous.

Due to this, I'm now making all my diplo games by invite only
Diplomacy Games: 4/20/2015 13:01:58

Level 60
Diplomacy Games: 4/20/2015 13:56:22

Level 57
I never understood the difference of Diplo-game and regular FFS. Just in first scenario most people think that they ought to announce allies, attacking or whatever diplomatic functions. This works only if you play with trusted players, it did not took me long to stop wasting time on Diplo game...either one starts trolling on first turn or just for revenge on later.

FFS is better as you can know by default that anyone might be secretly in Teams = nothing prevents that. On diplo game you have created a false truth that everything needs to be public, beforehand made publicly known - although no implemented measurement to guarantee that.

I would favour advanced diplomatic game. We do have Diplomacy card, but this style needs further development. Meanwhile either play with your friends or forget open-games! No need to mention even names of the most active players on forums having multiple troll accounts. Blacklisting never worked!

Plus the Lottery games! Great way to make fast high level and over 100-200 games played to end accounts? What purpose it serves else? None. Suggestion: Blacklist every player that you see has joined Lottery game! It helps to to shorten list probability of another booter, troll or just level-rush oriented players joining your game!

Edited 4/20/2015 13:58:48
Diplomacy Games: 4/20/2015 14:58:31

Level 56
If you make your expectations clear, and someone does something that causes them to become public enemy, then so be it. Even if they complain, it doesn't matter they broke the rules. Treat them like PE.

If I get pulled over for breaking the law, and I complain to the officer that I didn't understand or I interpret the rules differently than him, it really doesn't matter. I'm still PE to him.

If someone chooses to be PE and they kick your butt, well... that's another discussion... :-)
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