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Ritual and Creepypasta stories: 4/19/2015 11:52:05

Level 35
Ritual Creepypasta :

How to Summon the Midnight Man

The Midnight Man was a practice used in pagan society for rule-breakers of paganism , It is still used today.

To summon The Midnight Man you dont need anything but you will probably need to bring a torch with you.

1. Turn all lights off in your house
2. Wait until 24:00
3. Knock at the door 22 times ( the 22nd knock bust be at midnight )

You have summoned the midnight man , now you must run away from him but stay in the house. If he comes near you put a ring of salt around you because salt is where he cant pass. You must do this until 3:33 am . If you fail the midnight man will create a hallucination of your greatest fear and you will die afterwards. Some say that you can see him as a vauge shadow .

Try at your own risk

Edited 4/19/2015 17:31:05
Ritual and Creepypasta stories: 4/19/2015 17:27:48

Level 54
Hey, i think this is cool. But could you perk up your grammar in certain areas?

"Turn all light in your house"
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