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Android app is BROKEN!: 4/18/2015 16:33:56

Level 31
The Warlight Android app is broken! When I try to open it it attempts to sign me in and then crashes.
Android app is BROKEN!: 4/18/2015 16:43:48

Level 55
I find that it goes through loads of different stages back and forth working out where to go in the app and when it does stop it usually stops on the wrong game.
Android app is BROKEN!: 4/18/2015 17:17:34

Level 60
I've had mine crash over and over on me for months. chatting, submitting orders, watching history, etc. Not sure if it is warlight app causing it or the new OS from Android. But other apps are not crashing.
Android app is BROKEN!: 4/18/2015 17:23:27

Level 35
Mine does not crash even my 3 year old 7 inch tab 2 can handle , depends on which version of android you have my new tablet has KitKat 4.4.2

Edited 4/18/2015 17:23:44
Android app is BROKEN!: 5/12/2015 20:29:24

i want to delete my account
Level 58
I'm having the same problem with Android 5.0. But i never tested it before in the Android 4.4, so i don't know if the problem is the OS or the APP.
Android app is BROKEN!: 5/12/2015 21:29:10

Level 54
I speak likewise
My app will constantly crash. Usually in succession.
Android app is BROKEN!: 5/13/2015 01:29:37

Level 58

Warzone Creator
If you want to actually be helpful, you need to mention what kind of device you have. The app isn't crashing on all devices, it's crashing on your device, so I need to know what your device is if you expect me to fix it.
Android app is BROKEN!: 5/13/2015 01:56:18

Level 54
yeah same for me,whenever i do something like load earlier chat,commit,load big map,etc it always crashes
my device(s):-samsung galaxy note 2,LG-L7 P705,micromax canvas turbo A250
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