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EU4 Treaties in a Nutshell (Beware of Hetalia): 4/12/2015 03:48:52

The Mad Japanese
Level 51
Treaty of Jewish Hitler (Formerly Brandenburg)

France: Alright, Sweden gets 20,000 ducats and Danzig. Russia gets Poland. England gets Burgundy. Bavaria gets the rest of Germany and I get Hungary
England: Why should you get Hungary?
France: because she's hot (Hetalia reference)
Austria: I should also get Venice, I have a core on that from 100 Years ago
France: Well I'm the War Leader so I don't care
Russia: We forgot Spain
England: Oh yeah, he was also in the War
France: Well he had white peace
Bavaria: Fair enough
Sweden: So this concludes our Treaty
England: Wait we forgot Scotland
France: Oh yeah
Russia: I should get Scotland, he was my rival from the beginning
England: No I should get Scotland, he's closer to me
Bavaria: I think Sweden should get Scotland
France: I agree with Bavaria
Sweden: So I get Scotland
Russia: Alright
England: No Sweden should not get Scotland because we're on the Same Island
France: Well nobody gives a shit
Sweden: Alright, this concludes our Treaty of Jewish Hitler
Nedjaz: Hey guys

And that was the Treaty of Jewish Hitler
EU4 Treaties in a Nutshell (Beware of Hetalia): 4/12/2015 04:39:10

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
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