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Ai turns taking very long: 4/6/2015 21:37:37

Level 1
Me and a friend of mine started a game versus a Couple of Ais today, But just unlike in previous games several days ago, the Ai seems bugged. They take between 5-10 Minutes to commit orders, even though we two have already commited. Is there a way to fix this?
Ai turns taking very long: 4/6/2015 22:36:19

Level 58
There's no way to 'fix' it, however there's a way to report it: https://www.warlight.net/ReportBug

Edit: 5-10 min is probably just a lot of traffic on the server or smt (I know it've been delayed several hours in the past), I'd not worry too much about it.

Edited 4/6/2015 22:37:47
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