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One-Way Attacks and Bombardement: 3/29/2015 13:08:55

Level 18
There are two features I think would allow for more strategy:

- One-Way attacks: As the name suggests letting people choose one-way connections on custom maps, so if two zones are connected, you can only attack (and maybe transfer) from one of them to the other.

- Bombardements: Connections that allow you to attack, but not conquer a territory. It will always leave at least 1 enemy army on the territory. Could be combined with one-way connections for e.g. a zone on a hill, where you can attack several zones away from the hill not directly adjacent, but not conquer them.
One-Way Attacks and Bombardement: 3/29/2015 14:47:58

Punching Bag (^_^;)
Level 57
if this was implemented, perhaps there would need to be some kind of indicator (like arrows) present on the maps to show which territories can/cannot go where, since if you had to go and check every single territory to see whether it had any of these settings on it, people would hate it i think :P
Posts 1 - 2 of 2