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RP Scenario: 39 B.C. Roman Civil War (Invite List): 3/23/2015 08:41:07

Level 54

Going to make a game of this template. State if you want to join, after 4/10/2015 open invitations will be closed.

Note: Scenario and rules already finished and ready-to-play. \

Augustus Caesar is claimed to be succssor to Gaius due to being in his familial dynasty, however, several others have stepped up to claim the Empire, such as Pompey and Lepidus of the Second Triumvirate and Antony of the First. However, they agree to split the Empire among themselves instead of engagement. Unfortunately, Augustus and Antony decide to take the wealthier provinces, giving the scraps to Lepidus and exiling Pompey.
As it was so bubbling up to, a Civil War broke out between the 4 powers : Octavian's Rome, Antony's Rome, Lepidus' Rome, and Pompey's Rome.
Play as one of the Roman factions vying for power, a Celtic tribe, oppressed by the Romans, a Germanic, plotting against Rome, Britannians, building an empire, various Nomads, defending your lands from encroachers, or an Eastern Empire, fighting to determine who will control the region.

A: Octavian (R)
B: Antony (R)
C: Lepidus (R)
D: Pompey (R)
E: Gaul (C)
F: Belgae (C)
G: Iceni (C)
H: Ebdani (C)
I: Dumnonii (C)
J: Getae (C)
K: Odrysia (C)
L: Lusitani (I)
M: Arevaci (I)
N: Axum(N)
O: Numidia(N)
P: Scythia(N)
Q: Suebi(G)
R: Cherusci(G)
S: Marcomanii(G)
T: Parthia(E)
U: Parsis(E)
V: Seleucid E)
W: Armenia(E)
X: Baktria(E)
Y: Cappadocia(E)
Z: Pergamon(E)
This Scenario works on a special set of rules based on the different cultures (marcated by letters next to name).
R: Start out at war with all other R's. Can make G, C and I nations their vassals. Can attack I and N nations without declaring war.
C: Can declare a revolt and attempt to clear themselves from a state of vassalage. Can pledge vassalge to an R nation.
I: Can attack R nations without declaring war. Can attack I nations without declaring war.
G: Same as C, but they cannot pledge vassalge to an R nation. Can attack G and C nations without declaring war.
E: Must either pledge vassalge to Seleucid or Parsis from the start, or go to war with every other E faction.
N: Can declare Non-Aggression Pacts with other players so that they have to declare war before attacking. Can attack without war declaration.

Gameplay Notes:
Romans - Good overall gameplay. Will witness frantic diplomacy with Celtics, Iberians and Easterners, and will attempt to hold their borders with the rest of the Known World very well. Their primary focus is each other, and will try to sabotage each others' diplomatic efforts with military responses. Expect strategic battles that can be decisive one minute and then overwhelming defeat the next.

Celtic - They are a faded glory and slowly descend into ruins. Between invasions from Nomads and Germanics, vassalage by Romans and fighting each other to secure regional dominance, they attempt to establish brotherly alliances and fend off the dangers of the World. Expect rebellious behavior, constant submission and rising empires in the chaos.

Iberian - Straightforward play. Kill each other, kill Rome. Wiser Iberians might attempt alliance with their counterpart or go for brutality and conquer the other to gain a good edge on Lepidus or Octavian. Expect to be the key influence of Hispana, no matter what Romans will try to do.

Germanic - Barbarians down to their very names. They sack each others' cities, raze the celtic countrysides and go on massive independence campaigns to ward off a pesky Roman. Expect fierce resilience to outside intervention and constant rabble among themselves.

Eastern - This is the most diciest of any of the cultures. Because of their rules, they either come out as a prosperous culture that is prepared to take on Rome or conquer their other neighbors, or they will set themselves up into a long period of warfare in which one victor may be able to secure the entire region. Expect formidable defensives or moshpits depending on how they go as a culture.

Nomads - This is perhaps the most difficult playing style to pull off, and each faction in this culture is very distinct, so it's hard to give a general description. So, I'll give specific desc.
Numidia - They are cornered by Lepidus and have a small border with Axum and Antony. They should seek to do a pincer into Lepidus' African territory, or breakthrough into Hispania and conquer the region. A blitz into Italia is also possible. Expect anything: they have great potential and little initial strength.
Axum - Very straightforward. Overrun Antony in Africa, take down Numidia, steamroll rest of Africa. Feel free to march into Eastern realm if they are in a warring state, and if not then push further into the Roman territory. If you fear that, then move into Hispania. If conquered by Romans, then you should attempt to establish many NAPs so others don't fear you and you can become a successful state. Grow in power and wait for things to shift your way. Expect this nation to have a very good early game, but a tricky mid-game as other factions grow weary of a rampant Nomad.
Scythia - The strongest Nomad, perhaps the most strategic sector of the Known World and bordering many mediocre factions. This faction can become something stronger than Rome combined if they expand well, but if the East is unified then they can get overrun by them , or if the Germanics form a truce and fight them, or if the Celtics in Balkans are friendly with Antony and fight them. This faction is based on the aspiration that any one of the nations they border destabilizes, and then they can swoop in and conquer them and then jump off from there to become an unstoppable force. Expect aggression, but also see their vulnerability in isolation and lack of consolidation.

While you post that you want to get invited, feel free to also post other things, i.e. who you think has the best shot at winning, who you think has the most strategic gameplay, what your opinion is of the Gameplay notes, your thoughts on the Rules, your preference of tactics, what faction you want to be, your assessment of the Roman Civil War, etc. etc.
RP Scenario: 39 B.C. Roman Civil War (Invite List): 3/23/2015 14:22:31

Level 55
I sadly cannot view the template you presented because moblie is the outcast of this game. Therefore I cannot really say who might have the best shot at being the all powerful. However the rules, although complex, seem well thought out. Id like to be invited to this game if at all possible.
RP Scenario: 39 B.C. Roman Civil War (Invite List): 3/23/2015 21:11:18

Level 54
Added to the invite list. Once you get access to a computer, you'll be able to see the scenario (redundant). Hoping that this will have a strategic balance and will boast many approaches to the same situation.
RP Scenario: 39 B.C. Roman Civil War (Invite List): 3/23/2015 21:14:37

Ξ Nanaimo
Level 56
I would like to join this game; add me to the invite list
RP Scenario: 39 B.C. Roman Civil War (Invite List): 3/23/2015 21:34:07

Level 58
May I join?
RP Scenario: 39 B.C. Roman Civil War (Invite List): 3/23/2015 21:38:17

Level 54
Will be invited. 26 available slots, so 21 more slots remaining.
RP Scenario: 39 B.C. Roman Civil War (Invite List): 3/23/2015 21:54:16

[WOLF] Arrogance
Level 39
I shall join the game.
RP Scenario: 39 B.C. Roman Civil War (Invite List): 3/23/2015 22:38:14

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
This looks awesome
RP Scenario: 39 B.C. Roman Civil War (Invite List): 3/23/2015 22:45:55

Level 58
Ill join
RP Scenario: 39 B.C. Roman Civil War (Invite List): 3/23/2015 23:06:32

Level 56
It looks like you are using the "Rise of Rome" map.

I know this is your scenario, but do you think it would work better on the "Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire" map?

There are more territories and bonuses: https://www.warlight.net/Map/13912-Rise-Fall-Roman-Empire
RP Scenario: 39 B.C. Roman Civil War (Invite List): 3/23/2015 23:15:29

Thomas 633
Level 56
invite me please
RP Scenario: 39 B.C. Roman Civil War (Invite List): 3/23/2015 23:32:41

Level 54
The reason I use Rise of Rome is precisely because it has less territories. Makes it more efficient when it comes to making players fear for their survival to the next day, and make more frantic decision.

Edit: 16 Slots left.

Edited 3/23/2015 23:33:00
RP Scenario: 39 B.C. Roman Civil War (Invite List): 4/5/2015 03:11:48

Level 54
Bump. C'mon, a few more people?
RP Scenario: 39 B.C. Roman Civil War (Invite List): 4/5/2015 09:34:39

Level 54
Bigger map is needed for this...
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