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Push Notifications: 3/15/2015 06:32:14

Level 35
Hello, recently there was a small problem with the game on the iPads. At the time, no longer receive notifications about the beginning of my turn, and so on. Because of this, I often boot from the game. How to solve this problem? I set up all that was needed, there is no result

Edited 3/15/2015 06:33:38
Push Notifications: 3/15/2015 20:54:57

Master Jz 
Level 61
Did you install warlight on another device? When I installed it on a second device I stopped getting notifications on the first one.
Push Notifications: 3/15/2015 20:58:47

Level 49
I also recently stopped getting notifications on iPhone, and I know my friend is having a similar issue. We only play on computer and our iPhone
Push Notifications: 3/15/2015 21:12:21

Level 44
I also have recently stopped getting push notifications on my iPhone. Is there a bug?
Push Notifications: 3/15/2015 22:42:44

Level 60
Hmmm. I have the same problem.
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