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Congrats MoD!: 3/14/2015 23:10:14

Level 59
Most desasterous 1v1 ladder #1 EVER!!!
Congrats MoD!: 3/15/2015 01:05:27

Master Turtle 
Level 61
Master of Spelling is most deserving of his trophy!
Congrats MoD!: 3/15/2015 01:16:42

Vernita Green
Level 56
It was long overdue. MoD was one of the few guys around who played like a ladder no1 but didnt have title yet.
Congrats MoD!: 3/15/2015 02:23:51

Master of the Dead 
Level 63
Here's some stats for you :

Before the army
97 wins out of 127 games in 71 days (almost 2 games a day!!)
Win rate : 76.4%

After the army
31 wins out of 36 games in 23 days
Win Rate : 86.1%

Congrats MoD. Well deserved :)

p.s - I left out his win against CONQ in Nov because he wasn't active then.
Congrats MoD!: 3/15/2015 02:28:02

King C******* V 
Level 58
I have 3 titles in your mom! OH!
Congrats MoD!: 3/15/2015 04:30:21

Level 59
Congrats MoD! Vernita Green sums it up nicely. MoD is one of the strongest 1v1 players I have played against and he has been good enough to get #1 for a while.
Congrats MoD!: 3/15/2015 11:56:27

master of desaster 
Level 65
thanks for the nice words mates! finally my dream came true. all i ever wanted was beeing #1 in the 1vs1 ladder. :P

No seriously, i'm glad that i managed to do it without stalling and without making a run of 20 games on the ladder. Next challenge: beeing #1 with over 100 unexpired games
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