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Seeking a panel of map experts: 3/9/2015 04:09:04

Master of the Dead 
Level 63
We have created a custom ladder, and would like to constantly replenish the pool of templates on offer, on this ladder. The community shall vote on what templates they would like to see.

We are currently searching for folks to create a group of map experts. This group will be responsible for creating/ introducing us to new strategic 1v1 templates. They would suggest about 3 to 5 templates (maybe every 1/2 weeks) and the community picks the one they like best from this subset recommended by the panel.

We would originally appoint one of the applicants as the leader of this panel. After this, the panel can function independently. We are open to any suggestions about our current templates as well.

If this is something which interests you, please comment on this thread.

For more info: https://www.warlight.net/Forum/78926-clot-new-real-time-ladder
Link to the ladder : http://real-time-ladder.appspot.com/lot/5649391675244544
Seeking a panel of map experts: 3/11/2015 02:16:37

zxctycxz [Ollie Bye] 
Level 57
Are you sure you've come to the right place? Map making and Template making require different skills, I'd say.
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