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Human-Crow Hybrids: 3/8/2015 17:08:25

The Rightful Warlord Batumbe
Level 27
I wud liek to no how peepel fel abowt the i-shoe of human crow highbreads witch is offen suept under the car pet

thx 4 redding
Human-Crow Hybrids: 3/8/2015 17:15:10

Level 59
Human-Crow Hybrids: 3/8/2015 17:19:02

Level 56
hi im also 5 yrs old

do u wnt to be mi fryend?

i hav 100002030920 g on wow u kan have 200g if u becom mi gf
Human-Crow Hybrids: 3/8/2015 17:32:47

Level 39
Good day sir!

I was just perusing these delightful forums when I stumbled across this intriguing thread! I have been aware for some time now that there is a significant lack of funding for research regarding Homo sapien - Corvus hybrids due to a lack of appreciation for these magnificent creatures! Words cannot decribe how ecstatic I am to discover another person with an acute interest in the subject! I wonder whether it would be too much to ask if you would be interested in assisting me in a few simple experiments?

Yours sincerely,

Sir Alexander Harvey Montgomery.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4