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Smash bros: 2/23/2015 19:33:51

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
( well , i don't really know what to make this thread for , so how about smash bros )

I got smash bros brawl ( tell me if you got any smash games ) i played it lots of times and it never seems boring.

If you play smash bros this is the tier list for brawl ( ps. i will do melee some time)

SS : Meta knight

S : Snake , Diddy Kong , Falco , Marth (+) ,Ice Climbers

A+ : Fox , Sheik (+) , Pikachu , Toon Link

A : Zelda , Kirby , Zero Suit Samus

A- : Olimar , Yoshi , Wario , Lucario

B : Mr Game and Watch , Ike , Luigi , King Dedede

B- : Captain Falcon , Sonic , Wolf , Lucas

C+ : R.O.B , Jigglypuff , Pokemon Trainer (+) , Samus , Pit (+5)

C : Mario , Bowser , Donkey Kong , Jigglypuff

D : Ness , Link (+)

D- :Gannondorf

Note : this is a personal reference , this list WILL be changed and refresed constantly if you want to change it.

The tier list is ordered eg , in A- Tier , Olimar is stronger than Yoshi , but thats only an example. If a character has (+) or (-) , they have moved up or down places

smash 4 tier list

S : Sheik , Sonic , Zero Suit Samus
S- : Diddy Kong , Lucario , Fox , Falco
A+ : Yoshi , Mii Brawler , Villager , Kirby
A : Rosilina + Luna , Little Mac , Pit , Mega Man
A- : Wario , Ness , Lucario , Greninja
B : Captain Falcon , Zelda , Toon Link , Mii Laser guy?
B- : Pacman , Meta Knight , R.O.B , Marth , Bowser , Dark Pit
C+ : Samus , King Dedede , Pickachu , Duck Hunt Dog
C : Shulk , Mr game and Watch , Ike , Peach
C- : Luigi , Bowser Jr. , Lucina , Robin
D : Wii Fit Trainer , Dr. Mario , Charizard
E : Link
E- : Gannondorf , Olimar
F : Palumtena , Mii Swordsman

also , changes , tell me

Edited 2/25/2015 17:32:11
Smash bros: 2/23/2015 22:12:14

master of desaster 
Level 65
I got super smash brothers on the wii. Kirby,ice climbers, rob and pikachu ftw! :D
Smash bros: 2/23/2015 22:55:28

Thomas 633
Level 56
Samus is really good if you can use her properly...

and meta knight has been WAY taken down on the new one :(
Smash bros: 2/24/2015 03:23:03

Level 59
S : Snake , Diddy Kong , Falco , Ice Climbers , Marth
C+ : R.O.B , Jigglypuff
C : Mario , Bowser , Diddy Kong , Jigglypuff
D+ Samus
D : Pit , Pokemon Trainer , Ness , Mario

I haven't played Brawl in a long time so I have no clue how right this is, but Diddy Kong is definitely not C tier.

(Yet you don't even rank my [Brawl] main Yoshi... or Peach, Wario, Dedede, Lucario, Donkey Kong, Olimar, and maybe a few more...)

meta knight has been WAY taken down on the new one
He was broken-tier in Brawl. Getting taken down to mid-tier is probably one of the best results Meta Knight could have. Plus, this setup is better for Meta Knight fans as they don't have to deal with "MK is OP" complaints.

I have all versions except for the 3DS one; Luigi main in the first two, Yoshi main in Brawl, Wii U's still undecided, though I'm leaning towards those with tails for some reason :3
Smash bros: 2/24/2015 04:29:50

Thomas 633
Level 56
Also, what about Pokemon trainer, as he has a person for every situation...

And it is incomplete.


Use flying characters if you are new. Generally, more powerful players are better in the hands of experts, but nimble ones are good for casual players.
Smash bros: 2/24/2015 05:05:37

Level 63
Metaknight is either for players who know what they're doing (not very often) or players who just like to spam two buttons at a time and make it look like they know what they're doing. I rarely use him for that reason. Kirby also really annoys me for some reason...I wonder why...

I primarily use Ice Climbers (crazy movesets), Dedede (really funny to kill people with) and the Pokemon Trainer (because...why not?).

Only played the Wii U version once, but I beat everyone with Greninja. I think it had small coverage, but could get in some pretty good attacks that usually KOed people easily.
Smash bros: 2/24/2015 05:58:06

Monarchy of the Rainbow Hungarian Empire
Level 32
I personally love Zelda, Kirby, Pit, Ness, Luigi, Zero Suit Samus, Link, Peach, Ice Climbers, Marth, and King Dedede because I'm the best with these characters. I suck with Meta Knight and with Yoshi (because the egg always rolls off the edge) so I can never choose random because I always get stuck with Meta Knight, Yoshi, and Ganondork (I don't like Ganondorf)

Edited 2/24/2015 05:58:48
Smash bros: 2/24/2015 07:50:55

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
I edited the tier list to be more accurate , not much change
Smash bros: 2/24/2015 08:53:19

Level 58
Kirby and Diddy Kong are my favourites..
Smash bros: 2/24/2015 13:25:40

{rp} GeneralGror
Level 58
I never got past Melée ^^
Smash bros: 2/24/2015 15:32:41

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
Smash bros: 2/25/2015 17:33:01

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
Smash 4 tier list is out
Smash bros: 2/26/2015 03:23:14

Frankdeslimste • apex 
Level 58
So who here has Smash 4? Could be fun to have some online matches.
Smash bros: 2/28/2015 09:38:44

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
My friend has smash 4 ^
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