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Ideal Map Size?: 2/23/2015 16:10:31

Level 59
Just wondering what everyone prefers when it comes to map sizes.

If you ask me, the fewer the better. Ideally, games should have a "monkeys in a cage" feel to them, so maybe 30 territories for a 20 player game. That's the most exciting setup.

Having said that, I usually opt for somewhere in the 150-175 range for a 15 player game. Enough to give everyone some space, but not too big that it takes 10 turns before there's any confrontation.

Queef on brothers and sisters. Hope everyone had a good weekend.
Ideal Map Size?: 2/23/2015 16:38:00

Level 60
Depends on the team size and number of picks. I like the size of Med Earth for a 1v1 with 3 picks. Europe is a great size for 3v3 with 4 picks. It also depends on number of bonuses as well (most good templates are random warlords).

I personally like hand to hand slugfests, but only without luck so it is really about strategy and moves.
Ideal Map Size?: 2/23/2015 16:50:24

Level 62
Less than or equal to 40 for lotto game / map*1
100 - 250 for 1v1*2
250 - 400 for 2v2 or 4 Player FFA*2
400 - 800 for 3v3 or 6 Player FFA*2
600 - 1000 for 4v4 or 8 Player FFA*2
800 - 1200 for 5v5 or 10 Player FFA*2

*1 All players receive a territory assumed
*2 All players receive 3 territories, with a base income of 5 assumed

It depends if you want a lotto or diplomatic game / map. It also depends on how many players there are and how much territories they receive as well as the base income.

Edited 2/23/2015 16:50:48
Ideal Map Size?: 2/23/2015 17:14:53

Level 39
I have more of a builder mindset, so I enjoy the larger maps and the race to gather bonuses before initial contact with my enemies. I've been experimenting with the Single Player modes to find my preferred ratio of players to territories. 1 player per 100 territories give you a good bit of lebensraum before the battles start. I haven't worked out a lot of other options yet.
Ideal Map Size?: 2/23/2015 19:26:47

Level 59
100 per player seems excessive to me. I feel like you'd go 10 turns before you see anyone.

I mean think about it: real Risk has 42 territories and is meant for up to 6 players. That's 7-21 territories per player. And they've sold millions of copies with that setup.

I'm assuming we all found this app because we were looking to play Risk on our phones, so the question becomes, why fix what isn't broken?

I just can't see how using more than 10-15 territories per player to start wouldn't get tedious and boring
Ideal Map Size?: 2/23/2015 19:38:54

Level 49
What are some good maps for 4-6 players using that 10-15 benchmark? I'm interested in some quicker games.
Ideal Map Size?: 2/23/2015 21:05:00

Level 62
  • The Big World Map
  • Issander's Huge World
  • and other big / huge maps
Ideal Map Size?: 2/23/2015 21:41:34

Piss Flaps the Sly
Level 56
I like most setups. Though it depends on the game type.

For RT games I quite like a larger map. Europe 1812 being one of my favourites. Even if you go 10 turns before meeting someone, on the assumption you got a 5 min boot on the RT game that only 50 minutes tops before you meet someone, and is likely to be around 30 mins.

On the other hand, if its a MD game with a 24/48 hour boot, then you could be waiting well over a week for a game to get interesting, which is quite a while.

Though it also comes down to the number of players/teams too.
Ideal Map Size?: 2/23/2015 22:29:21

Thomas 633
Level 56
I have never used the app :)
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