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1700: Destiny of the New World - RP Scenario: 2/23/2015 08:32:15

Level 54
First off:
This scenario was made with the advent of killing time while people flock towards the WW2 Roleplaying Scenario.
Because of this, it features very simple mechanics that aren't as immersive or an overhaul as, say, Birth of Civilizations.
This scenario will focus on 3 Roles of Groups: Colonial, Imperial and Natives.
Actual custom scenario to be completed.
Because of how long it takes to fill the other games, I plan on much fewer players needed for this.
P.S. - Yes, a lot of this is influenced by Civ4 Colonization.

Imperial - Avast! You have a wide and mighty (unintended euphemism) empire, and many colonies to maintain. You must keep your colonies in check (you will have at least 1-2 of the buggers) and keep oppressing Natives to ensure that your empire continues to grow.

Colonial - 'Tis the life of a pioneer, 'tis a new life for the forgotten, and 'tis a new nation in the making! As a colony, you must try to raise an amount of rabblerousing so that you might start a revolution against your Mother country. Your mother country will strike you with many units, but if you manage to have enough native allies (or conquered enough natives to be strong enough) you just might be able to last long enough to become a new nation (and be 1/2 of the way to victory!).

Native - Your families, your homes, YOUR VERY WAY OF LIFE; it is all in danger because of the White Man. However, they are not prepared for the syphillis you have to offer, the guerilla tactics, your knowledge of the land and your numerical superiority. The colonies tend to be nicer than the Empires, so befriend them if you can and you will have a close ally against those Empires!

Special Capability - Imperialism
Cards - Reinforcement Card, Airlift Card

Reinforcement Card - While you enjoy your colonial endeavours and all that good stuff, you're still fighting dozens of wars in Europe! Fortunately, thanks to a superior navy, you've got some reserve forces that you can put to use in the colonies.
Normally, you can use 1 of these every 2 turns (can't use first turn, so Turn 2 you use it, you can use it again on Turn 4, then again on Turn 6, etc.), but if you invoke Imperialism on a Native Tribe then you may use 1 every turn. During a fight with one of your colonies (a Revolution, if you will), you have the option of using 2 in on turn, but say you used this on Turn 5, well then you'd have to wait 5 turns before you could use Reinforcement Cards again on Turn 10.
Airlift Card - Royal Expeditionary Forces were made with the intent to maintain order within an Empire's Colonies. If a Revolution breaks out, you better hoped you can bring in a good REF! During Revolutionary Wars, the Contested Region (which the Game Manager will inform you of where it is) cannot be deployed in by Empires. REFs and the Airlift are the only way to bring in new troops (there's a special territory you have from where you can Airlift trops). This represents the time it takes to bring in troops via naval deployment across oceans. You should maintain your REF somewhat, whilst also maintaining your actual armies. Remember: You can only use your REF during a Revolution(s), and only in the Contested Zone(s).
Imperialism - European Empires can invoke Imperialism on a Native Tribe. In all other occasions, you must declare and then wait 1 turn before you attack. By invoking Imperialism, you can go to war and send out attacks on the same turn. Natives beware!

Empire Misc.
You can go to war with anyone except other empires' colonies, unless they are independent.

How Empires Win
3/5 Objectives Must Be Accomplished
A. Win a Revolution.
B. Have over 50 Income.
C. Have an REF of over 500.
D. Eliminate (or make surrender, they get booted while you're at war with them, w/e) at least 3 Native factions.
E. Eliminate (look above) at least 2 Imperial Factions.

Special Capabilities - Revolutionary War, Native Pacts
Cards - Diplomacy Card, Reinforcement Card

Revolutionary War - By gathering up enough Revolutionary Fervor (at a special territory in the game map, by deploying armies there), you may declare a Revolutionary War to break away from your Motherland. You may use 1 Reinforcement Card per turn during a Revolutionary War, giving your Colony a fighting chance. If you secure the Contested Zone, then you win the Revolutionary War and have set up your own Independent Nation! The first half of your victory is complete!
Native Pacts - If you have played Diplomacy on the same Native Faction at least 3 times, you are automatically locked into a Pact with them. This means that they will make valuable allies during your Revolution. Though it is costly for both sides, Natives can go to war with you to break a pact and effectvely nullifying your earlier diplomacy cards (you can't use Diplomacy Cards with anyone while at war as a Colony)
Diplomacy Card - As a Colony, you must mediate relations. Play a diplomacy card on 2 nations' war to immediately end it (or cease fire it). Or, build up relations with Natives for your Revolution! Be wary, you may only use 1 Diplomacy Card every 3 turns (2 Diplomacy Cards every 3 turns if you have a native pact).
Reinforcement Card - Only available for Colonial during Revolution. Look above.

Colonial Misc.
Colonies cannot declare war on Imperials if they are not Independent.
Colonies must obey and are loyal to their Mother country. They are basically locked into a Native Pact in a way. However, a Revolutionary War breaks this bond.

How To Win:
This is 1/2 of the actual Victory Objective, further described below
A. Become Independent.

Special Capabilities - Patriotic Fervor
Card - Order Priority
(UNIQUE) Constitutional Decision

Patriotic Fervor - You may use 1 of any card every turn, except Diplomacy. Combine it with your Constitutional Decision for a game-breaking advantage, for example, 3 Order Priorities every turn!

OP Card - A card that you may use 1 of every turn (doesn't count toward Patriotic Fervor).

Constitutional Decision - You must decide to focus on and embed one of these into your Independent Nation's Constitution.
Manifest Destiny : You may use 1 extra OP card every turn.
Cherokee Alliance : You may form a Native Pact with any Native nation, and they cannot go to war with you ever.
Native Client States : You may use diplomacy cards again, but as part of your patriotic Fervor ability
War Spoils : Your Imperial Dictators left behind guns and ships! You may choose to use 2 Reinforcement Cards per turn or 2 Airlift cards per turn (as part of Patriotic Fervor).

How To Win
Complete 2/3 objectives from any of the Objective Sets to win.

a. Have at least 3 Native Pacts.
b. Have at least 25 income.
c. You cannot have ever been at war with a Native faction (them declaring war on you counts!).

a. Have conquered at least 3 Native factions.
b. Have conquered at least 2 Colonial/Independent factions.
c. Have conquered at least 1 Imperial faction.

a. Have at least 60 income.
b. Have conquered at least 2 Colonial/Independent factions.
c. Have at least 2 Native Pacts / have conquered at least 4 Native factions.

Special Capability - Native Confederacy, Raiding Party
Cards - Reinforcement Card, Gift Card, Order Delay Card, Abandon Card

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