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Russia: 10/12/2010 13:55:55

Level 44
I like the fact your making new maps..
but I don't like Kaliningrad.

It isn't apparant where it links to.. and i am confused as to precisely why it links to moscow...

imho should include the baltic states along with it, or shouldn't include it at all.
Russia: 10/12/2010 14:47:34

Level 20
Kaliningrad connecting to Moscow is an airplane flight.
I didn't have any better idea, sorry.
Russia: 10/12/2010 18:54:21

Level 44
I kinda figured that was the logic behind it, was just giving my opinions on the map design.

as always, the map creationand design, is up to the map creator :)
Russia: 11/10/2010 03:32:52

Level 2
What about the Kaliningrad's connection with Leningrad and especially St. Petersburg? And I do believe personally that Kaliningrad should be on the map, since it is part of Russia, while Baltic states? Not necessarily.
Russia: 12/29/2010 19:55:55

Level 3
Kemorovo does not connect to Novosibirsk or Altai, even though these are adjacent territories. Also, the bonuses seem unbalanced. Far Eastern south should be worth only 3 and East Syberian should be worth 5.
Russia: 12/31/2010 06:07:15

BumbleBee :) 
Level 14
May I know how can I download and play custom maps created by others? Many thanks.
Russia: 1/5/2011 10:09:17

Level 58

Warzone Creator
Charles the Great: In single player, select Practice Game, then Custom Game. This will present you with a list of maps to pick from.

To play them multi-player, click Create Game then Custom Game.
Russia: 2/21/2011 13:56:19

PSV Supporter
Level 57
Novosibirsk doesn't connect to Kemerovo, although visually it's connected.
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