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Sanrio Cuties: 4/6/2024 22:47:33

Hello Kitty
Level 5
Sanrio Cuties is an open clan I made for anyone to join if they want! :)

You can join if you want to have a cute icon next to your name, otherwise we currently have nothing to offer until people join and help out!

I would love to get more people in the clan so we can do multi-day games or tournaments!

To join you must have good sportsmanship and being willing to listen to advice if you're less experienced. :)

Edited 4/6/2024 22:48:06
Sanrio Cuties: 4/7/2024 23:02:23

Level 63
Hey Kitty, sounds cool and good luck with building up your clan!

For anyone looking for the Sanrio Cuties clan, you can find it at https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=794
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