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Default Colors: 2/11/2015 00:43:31

Level 50
Can we allow some of the reserve colors that are reserved only for large games to be used as default colors? Specifically, the goldenrod, royal blue, Mardi Gras, Tyrian Purple, and Rain Forest? I looked those up here: https://www.warlight.net/wiki/Player_colors, I didn't know those off the top of my head.

A lot of the default colors are very similar and hard to see while there are reserve colors that are very unique and easy to spot by those of us with bad eyesight.
Default Colors: 2/11/2015 00:53:53

Level 58
You can go and vote for that on uservoice. Also, in case you didn't knew, you can change colors locally which can be helpful if you've bad eyesight (or if you just feel like it) ;)
Default Colors: 2/11/2015 01:33:07

Thomas 633
Level 56
Charcoal PLEASE
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