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Ottoman Emperor's World: 2/10/2015 17:46:41

Ottoman Emperor 
Level 57
At this thread i will write the things i want to share. sometimes stories, sometimes games analyzes, some times suggestions for warlight etc. i joined warlight at 3rd of march 2011. I stopped to play it sometimes, i met good friends here. some of them left some of them are still playing. actually in this thread you will mostly find yourself.

İt was nearly 3 years ago. I was a student. We were meeting with friends at my house and were playing play station games, card and board games and some computer games together. One day one of my friend brought his hard disk to share some games with me. One of them was risk. He told us how to play it. We 4 friends (one of them was Salah ad din) started to play it. I liked the game. But it was hard to find real players when you want to play it. one day i decided to search an online risk game. I think i tried nearly 3 games but all of them was not good enough and their websites were not good enough. Then i found warlight. I opened a single player game and started to play it. İt was different. Well website was not good enough for me but the logic of the game was better than risk. I liked it. After level 4 i stopped to play single player game and decided to play a multi player game. I joined an FFA. And see what happened;

there was a clock there and i didnt see it. İ was booted by one of these players. And i have just seen that he was turkish.
Rule 1: check the clock

i decided to join an another game;

i played thousands of games but i didnt see a noob like me. I am not joking. What was i thinking? What was i trying to do? Look at public chat;
- El ashk (otoman emperor) : i think alan is not in the game
- Alan :???
- Emperor B :El ashk, alan surrendered
Rule 2: You dont have to play until you die. There is A surrender button there. You can surrender when you think you dont have any chance.


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Ottoman Emperor's World: 2/10/2015 17:46:47

Ottoman Emperor 
Level 57

Most important button of warlight to increase the number of players. Is it good enough? i like this page. because it is very simple. it is not like other pages. this is a different world. you are alone here. this is your secret place to learn game mechanism before you start to play with other people. there are 6 levels of scenerio games, 1 tutorial and 1 custom game option to create your own game.

- today i checked tutorial. i dont know when fizzer changed it but it is better now.

it could be better if fizzer would share at least wiki source at this page instead of help page.

- lets come to levels games.

i really dont understand why fizzer doesnt focus on this area. he can get get good revenue only from single player games. lots of players are trying to create their own custom scenerios games. they like it.

why is it hard to create more custom scenerio games? he can create thousands of levels. warlight players can help him about this.

all you need is making an application for mobile devices. he can sell lives, he can sell cards, he can get revenue from advertisements. maybe he is waiting someone to do it.

- to create your own game you need time to understand game mechanism. it is not for beginners.

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Ottoman Emperor's World: 2/10/2015 17:46:51

Ottoman Emperor 
Level 57

This is different from current coins. To understand it better you should forget coins

since it is my world i will call it akche. silver money of ottoman empire.

Let's start from beginning. you downloaded warlight app to your mobile phone, tablet or you found warlight at internet. and you started to play single player games (the one i mentioned at my second post). every level you passed you will get some akche prize. amount of prize will depends on how early you finished level, how early you eliminated one of AIs etc. With these akches you can buy some cards. or you can keep them for multiplayer games.

Welcome to multiplay games.

now you have some akches from single player games and you know how to play. lets say you have 1000 akches in your account. since you are new at multiplayer you can play only some of maps with limited settings.

you can also buy akche bundles;
1 usd = 1000 akches
2 usd = 2200 akches
4 usd = 4840
8 usd = 10648
16 usd = 23426
32 usd = 51536
64 usd = 113380
128 usd = 249436

what can you do with akches?;
you can join games,
you can buy a map. so that you can play it
you can remove filters from settings.
you can play games with cards.
you can play different luck games,
you can play 8 player games or 40 player games
you can join tournaments
you can create games
you can create tournaments (you can earn akches from here)
you can buy a player (you can sell too)
you can buy a clan (you can earn akches from it)
you can create a club and you can hire players for team (when your team is succesful you can earn akches)
you can join club league
you can join clan league
you can join ladders
you can remove adds
you can change your name

if you dont have money to buy akches, dont worry;
everyday when you join warlight, it will give you some akches
for first 100 games you dont have to pay akches to join a game
you can bring new players (not alts)
you can click adverts
you can fill surveys
you can can create maps, whenever other people play a game with your map, you will get akches
you can create tournaments and earn some akches when it starts


to be continued......

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Ottoman Emperor's World: 2/10/2015 17:46:55

Ottoman Emperor 
Level 57
@ the turtle

not spamming. i need space to write different things. ;)

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Ottoman Emperor's World: 2/10/2015 17:46:59

Ottoman Emperor 
Level 57
Ottoman Emperor's World: 2/10/2015 17:47:03

Ottoman Emperor 
Level 57
Ottoman Emperor's World: 2/10/2015 18:23:57

Ottoman Emperor 
Level 57
Ottoman Emperor's World: 2/10/2015 18:32:24

Master Turtle 
Level 61
Good idea then.....

My apologies...

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Ottoman Emperor's World: 2/10/2015 18:52:46

Master of the Dead 
Level 63
I'm really looking forward to this thread. You were one of my first "teachers" on Warlight and I have learnt much from you.

In the old format, passing the crazy level(with gold star) was bloody damn hard when I just started.

If only I had a dollar for every minute I spent on the single player levels, I would be a rich man!
Ottoman Emperor's World: 2/10/2015 20:06:29

Master Ryiro 
Level 62
it was near impossible with that luck
i just left it as it is
let people know how weak player i am :P

nice thread ottoman
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