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WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/10/2015 05:30:13

Level 54
Do not discredit this forum thread to be one devoted to a simple Diplomacy game : In this scenario, you will play as one of several competing powers in the world of July 1936. You will dictate the course of history by taking this short period to build up a war economy, get together into alliances and form your plots to take control of the world.
Note : Actual Custom Scenario not Complete.

Tank Warfare - Multi-Attack will be turned on, but you cannot use it to its full extent : Your stacks only get to move 2 times instead of the possible infinite. This offers you opportunity to pierce through your opponent's defences, and then strike the heart of their economies in fatal Blitzkriegs! However, you need fuel sources to accomplish this, and having better tanks and resource conservation through technological research can help this. The Game Master at the end of the day will tell you when you can accomplish Blitzkriegs.

Air Warfare - The Game Master will dictate who has Air Superiority throughout the game in the several different theatres of war. When you
HAVE Air Superiority : You can use Airlift Cards and Sanctions ( bombing raids ) within a theatre. This is a factor which can be somewhat influenced by players : Devoting resources to your air force and researching advanced more advanced air forces will allow you a better chance to secure the skies. Out of Tank/Air/Naval Warfare, Air requires the least fuel.
DON'T HAVE Air Superiority : Due to not having to worry about preliminary bombing raids ( since you can't launch them ), your forces move quicker and you may use Order Priority cards.

Naval Warfare - Unlike Air Warfare, Naval Warfare requires a lot of fuel and greater size. However, Naval Warfare is also highly reliant on being good in Air Warfare. But, securing the Seas brings some of the best benefits to the table :
HAVING Naval Superiority : You get to do Blitzkrieg, despite having to cross a body of water. You also get to use Order Delay, allowing you to strike with a preliminary assault force then bring in smaller detachments to reinforce your initial assault.
NOT HAVING Naval Superiority : Not having Naval Superiority means you cannot attack across a body of water. For a player like Nazi Germany, this will devastate the strongest ground forces. However, having a strong Air Superiority can compensate for this. Discuss with the Game Master if and when you can cross a body of water without Naval Superiority.

General Combat Superiority - Unlike all others, General Combat Superiority is a powerfully effective method at bringing your tiny army to an effective, unstoppable assault force. Factors such as Morale, Infrastructure Investment and Technological Advancement affect whether or not you get the extreme benefits of GCS. Unlike the rest once again, there is such a thing as neither side having General Combat Superiority.
IF YOU HAVE IT : Your forces get to move Thrice rather twice ( given you have the proper fuel resources ). Get to use Sanctions and Order Delay even if you do not have Air/Naval Superiority. You get to use Reinforcement Cards at a rate which the Game Master says you may use them.
NOBODY HAS IT : There is no affect. Play is normal.
IF YOU DO NOT HAVE IT : You cannot perform Blitzkrieg. This puts you on a harsh defensive until you can garner back up your capability to fight.

Unlike my previous project ( Birth of Civilization ), the Research process has been greatly streamlined down to a few simple aspects. You research technologies over and over, gaining better benefits each time. Be wary : Investing too much into technology can ruin your army! (
1. Advanced Infrastructure
2. Advanced Tanks
3. Advanced Navy
4. Advance Air Force
5. Advanced Artillery
6. Advanced Propaganda
7. Advanced Resource Conservation
8. Advanced Diplomacy
Infrastructure ( Costs 30 ) - Depending on how many troops you stack on territories, you get better benefits to your GCS probability. The effectiveness of your stacking is determined by how much you invest into this technology. This technology also increases your effectiveness against Partisan forces.
Propaganda ( Costs 30 ) - This is a simple flat addition to your GCS probability. Unlike other technologies, you can only research this technology 5 times. At the start, all tanks require 3 fuel and 3 iron and follow normal Blitzkrieg Rules.
Tanks ( Costs 50 ) - This technology is one of cumulative effect and you can only research it 4 times.At the start, all tanks require 3 fuel and 3 iron and follow normal Blitzkrieg Rules.
Twice - 1 Less Fuel necessary for tanks.
4 Times - +1 Movement For Tank Stacks if you can Blitzkrieg.
Navy ( Costs 40 ) - This technology improves your Naval Superiority probability. There is a Navy column for you to put your armies. 5 Armies equal 1 ship in that column. : They require 5 Fuel and 1 Iron for each ship.
Research 5 Times - No Iron necessary for your ships.
Air Force ( Costs 35 ) - This technology improves your Air Superiority probability. To use an Airlift or Sanctions card, you have exhausted 1 Fuel and 4 Iron resources for the turn.
Research 6 Times - No Fuel resources necessary to do an Air Card.
Research 8 Times - 1 Less Iron resources neccessary to do an Air Card.
Advanced Artillery ( Costs 65 ) - You can only research this tech once. You get a much better GCS probability.
Resource Conservation ( Costs 50 ) - You can only research this once. You get to decide whether your Tanks require 2 less Iron, Air Cards require 2 less Iron or Navy require 3 less Fuel.
Diplomacy ( Costs 75 ) - You can only research this once. You get to negotiate peace with a nation you are at war with to end the war if you have this technology, otherwise wars go on forever.

Infrastructure - Keeping stacks in all of your territories improves the region drastically in many ways.

Historical War- The game starts at July 1936, and every turn lasts 3 Months. However, once it is April 1939, every turn lasts a Month. No matter what, 2 wars will be declared : On Turn 17, Germany will go to war with Poland, and on Turn 32 Japan will go to war with America.
However, these wars can actually be declared beforehand. Nothing besides those 2 things have to be within the Historical Calendar.
Wars That Are In Action From The Start -
ROC and the PRC start off at war with Japan.
Republican Spain and Fascist Spain start off at war with each other.

Revolutionaries - Throughout the game, there will occasionally be Revolutionary movements that go in within your nation. Especially in Siberia, India, Spain, Germany, Algeria, Turkey, Yugoslavia, South America and China, Revolutionaries will spawn within your borders. Having better Infrastructure helps to prevent the effectiveness of Revolutionary movements and Partisan forces.
Partisans - In your conquered regions, Partisan forces spring up. They act like Revolutionaries, but for the cause that was last the official regime of the nation.

Ideologies - These are purely aesthetic, though they can negatively affect Diplomacy in a superficial aspect. However, they ARE IMPORTANT if you are Communist, as it effects the Soviet Union's victory condition. Ideologies are assigned to all nations at the beginning of the game.

Income, Research Etc.
Everything is based on your Armies Per Turn/Income. You can invest your Income into :
The Research column, where you invest to upgrade your army and nation.
The Battlefield, where you would normally place your armies.
Naval Forces column, You can expand the size of your Navy.
Air Forces column, You can expand the size of your Air Force.

There are 3 Primary Victory Routes :
Economic - You have lifted your nation of the Depression, and have the World's greatest cities and economy. Requires : You to have the largest armies per turn. Have invested much into Infrastructure technology and have developed better Infrastructure in your lands.
Diplomatic - You have achieved World Peace. Requires : You to be the last person to research the Diplomacy tech.
Militaristic - You have the best military known. Requires : You must have the best Navy or Air Force. You must have conquered 4 Nations.
Specific Victories :
Germany's Master Race - Eliminate the Soviets, conquer the British Isles.
Italy's New Empire - Conquer Spain, France, Switzerland, the Balkans, Turkey and North Africa.
Russia's Iron Kurtain - Conquer all Communist nations.
America's Industrial Might - You need one less of the Economic victory requirements to win an Economic Victory.
Japan's Samurai Invasions - Conquer all of China, India the Pacific Islands, Indochina and Australia.
Britain's Desert Rats - Conquer Rome , Berlin, Ethiopia and North Africa.
Poland CAN Into - Survive as a nation on the map past Turn 25.
Revolutionary's Success - As a Revolutionary player, successfully become a new nation after a Revolution and conquer another nation.

Invite List :
Thomas 633
Kellen the Conqueror
John Smith

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WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/10/2015 05:34:00

Thomas 633
Level 56
may I join once you create it?
WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/10/2015 05:40:31

[Wolf] {F} Kellen the Conquerer
Level 51
I want in!
WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/10/2015 05:46:07

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
this sounds badass
WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/10/2015 06:05:36

Level 54
I'll finish up the scenario and rules tomorrow,as well as post the invite list.

Notes : I think following the upgrade ( rather than replace ) model of technology progression mixed with influential factors ( rather than all factors being dictated by the player ) along with the dilemma of Quality/Quantity along with the rapidly deteriorating political structure will really put this scenario a few steps ahead of the predecessor.


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WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/10/2015 07:27:49

Level 56
I want in too.
WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/10/2015 08:00:24

Level 40
Where's Red menace at? I'm waiting for him to pull another kanye...

"Yo Genghis, ima let you finish, but Semice had the best WWII scenario of 2015" *drops mic*
WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/10/2015 08:15:02

Level 57
i want to join, but there was another civilizations game you were working on... is it going to be played??
WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/10/2015 14:34:07

Level 54
Yeah. I'll find somebody to pick up that scenario. It was pretty much good to go. Just needed some more people and the custom map.
WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/10/2015 23:08:22

Level 59
I wanna get in too!
WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/10/2015 23:23:39

Level 54
Have finished it up. Will work on the Custom Scenario later.
WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/12/2015 03:05:33

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
damn this is cool
WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/12/2015 03:14:27

John Smith
Level 58
May I try?
WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/12/2015 23:35:50

Level 54
Here is a Rough Draft Scenario. Feel free to point out historical inaccuracies or ask questions about the scenario.
I'll work on Fuel Source territories and Iron Source territories later ( as well as a Q&A ).
WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/13/2015 00:38:28

Level 55
Things I see immediately

1. Kaliningrad (Köningsberg) belongs to Germany.
2. Brest, Grodno, Volyn, Lviv belong to Poland
3. Southwestern Ukraine (Uzhgorod) belongs to Czechslovakia.
4. Moldova belongs to Romania
5. Italy had Rhodos (Docodanes)
6. I'm not sure if this was stylistic or not, but Russia never controlled Inner Mongolia. It's one thing to call Mongolia a satellite state, but Inner Mongolia was controlled by China and influence was long lost by that time, then.
7. Same wonders as nu. 6, but Tunisia belonged to France.
8. Western Sahara and the very tip of Morocco belonged to Spain, the rest to France.

At this point, I'm really wondering whether it's a weird way of balancing or really bad geography, so I won't say more until clarification.

Some other things to consider:

The huge revolt in Palestine
WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/13/2015 01:26:11

Level 54
Thanks Xy! I'll fix those ASAP ( most if not all of these were intentional, save for Kalinigrad ( Koninggsberg ). I didn't account for that when I did click russia + change all ).
I didn't account for that either when I was just clicking and filling up space. I guess I could give Inner Mongolia to Japan. China should have only the minimal strength.
I'm just giving Tunisia to Italy for balancing purposes. It's a strong strategic foothold in any invasion of Algeria, so I thought it best to be given to them.
Western Sahara and tip of Morocco I made with the intent of not making the Spanish Civil War too widespread. It's already going on in the Carribean and in the Balearics, fighting in North Africa would be pushing the already pushed letter.

Things in this scenario are meant to start off historical ( or at least balanced ), but not follow a historical trail.
That said, things like revolts in Palestine could happen due to the glorious invention that is Game Manager position. It's actually accounted for in the game : Better infrastructure and infrastructure technology leads to less uprisings and partisan effectiveness.

Something else to keep in mind : A lot of the map is just 0s or the 10000s borders to block out
A) Strategically Significant B) Historically Insignificant C) Super-Neutral nations. The only players that actually start off with armies in the current settings are nations with land in Iberia, with the armies being only in Iberia.
Another note just for me : I believe I forgot to split China into ROC and PRC. Will fix that up real quick too.

Hope more people sign up for an invitation to this.
WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/13/2015 01:30:10

Level 54
2 Quick Questions for Subscribers
Does anybody think the game is weighted towards any nation initially?
Do you think expansions are possible for other WW2 Roleplaying Scenarios in the foreseeable futures? ( such as an Espionage System, something to make Ideologies worthwhile, Unique Traits ( like Civilization and my earlier Civilizations project ), a Generals system, etc. )
WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/13/2015 04:16:29

Level 55
Well, still, for balance, you should give Poland those lands and Czechslovakia Uzhgorod/Southwestern Ukraine. That would weaken Strong Russia a bit.
WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/13/2015 04:26:40

Red Menace
Level 55
Yo Genghis, ima let you finish, but Semice had the best WWII scenario of all time *drops mic*

Edited 2/13/2015 04:27:11
WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/13/2015 04:30:02

Thomas 633
Level 56
why is queensland given to a weird slot?
WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/13/2015 04:32:37

Level 55
Must agree with Red Menace x1000. Can't beat Semice easily at all.
WW2 Roleplaying Scenario: 2/13/2015 09:39:40

Level 54
My sarcasm detector is off the charts.
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