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Flaw: 2/12/2024 09:03:52

Level 58
So I found a flaw. If you have an artifact digging, and the next one is set to self-dig and all, and there is like an hour left, if you use your powers to forward time and x2 them for 10 hours, it will still only fast forward an hour. You will lose all that time. I did this a couple times to determine, yeah, I wasted all these time leaps.

I wasted at least 10, but now you can know the flaw. Maybe management could hook me back up with some for wasting and reporting the issue . . . just asking.

Edited 2/12/2024 09:09:49
Flaw: 2/12/2024 09:29:15

Level 63
Yeah if you report the bug to Fizzer (Help > Contact > Report Bug) he might be so nice to refund you a couple powers.

I knew about a bug like this before, and thought it was fixed, but apparently not...
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