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First Super Ascend plan: 1/30/2024 14:39:36

Santa Claus
Level 62
Have 3 legendaries (Triple Strike, Alloy Values, Army Camp Boost)

15 Epics

40k more AP in tier 4 needed for Super Ascend.

What should my Super Ascend plan be?

Get an insane and a legendary? If so, which one goes insane, which one legendary?

Three legendaries?
First Super Ascend plan: 1/30/2024 15:08:45

Level 61
Here my (very personal) thoughts:

15 epics = 3 legendaries
plus the 3 legendaries that you alreay have
= 1 insane + 1 legendary without any further digging, just upgrade time.

If you would choose 3 legs, then you had to discard 3, which feels ... noo.

Going with 2 artifacts also has the nice additional advantage that you can get an +25% AP boost in your first super, which is - for me - still the best super ascension perk.

So which insane and which leg then?

I personally did insane AV and leg SAC and I still like that.
Many others say AcacheB is the best choice for insane, but it depends whether you have one in your 15 epics. Then the choice would be insane AcacheB and leg AV. Both are great combos.

Welcome to the club (soon)!
First Super Ascend plan: 1/30/2024 15:23:49

Morg'th N H'Throg
Level 57
I have two +25s and it's really paying off on the first normal run with the additional mercs. Running out of mercs really slows stuff down, having to rely on army camps. I suspect [I reached the Netherlands now that +75% is probably the sweat spot, at least for pounding through regular non trisk maps. At 50% except for a few maps at the very beginning, until Netherlands I have not run out of mercs. I guess I'll see how it goes with China, Trisk, Merica, 'uge Europe etc.

Some people say AV is overkill, but it's a wonderfully nice overkill. Money problems just go away. ALso you can delay spending AP on discounted mercs and AV for a while longer which means moar additional mercs and that is a good thing.

As for the other one. I rather like Army Cache Boost. Extra armies both early in the game when you are going for markets and a nice boost towards the end. Very nice on Hex Earth

SAC is good for a quick start, unless you play a LOT in which case Army Camp Boost might be better, it also helps if you do happen to run out of mercs or on maps that don't have mercs. Also with clam requests. Also you already have legendary ACB so that helps.
First Super Ascend plan: 1/31/2024 06:25:09

Level 40
If you have Army Cache Boost in your epics, then Insane Army Cache Boost and Legendary Alloy Values. Otherwise Insane Alloy Values and any useful legendary. Army Camp Boost, Supercharge Army Camp, and Time Warp would be my favourites... Hospital Boost a distant fourth.

(I really like Territory/Bonus Money Boost for easing the start of levels, but with Insane Alloy Values it's kind of double dipping so the others would provide more value.)
First Super Ascend plan: 1/31/2024 12:44:10

Level 61
Seems to be a theme here

I agree with:
Insane ACacheB
Legendary AV
+25% AP
First Super Ascend plan: 2/1/2024 12:04:25

Level 59
TheGreatLeon perfectly summarized what I did. I recommend it still.

The first few maps were annoyingly slow post-ascent, small maps with minimal AP represented a surprising struggle, but now I'm on Australia and the past three maps have been completed in two days and a few hours each.

It is a bit jarring at first, you feel weak as a newborn baby having to rebuild basic AP goodies like Joint Strike, but after three or four weeks things normalize and the game resembles what you are familiar with.

The Legendary AV is producing more income than I need, I am routinely ending levels with tens or even hundreds of billions unspent. The Insane ACacheB really sings on the bigger maps after the tech tree includes the 50% Cache boost.

Edited 2/1/2024 12:04:43
First Super Ascend plan: 2/2/2024 05:51:29

Morg'th N H'Throg
Level 57
An update
+50% AP, insane A$B and AV
China, ran out of money AND mercs.
Went back to Hard CCC almost enough mercs, ran out of money
Running out of mercs is worse than running out of money IMHO. So I am thinking for a third bonus or even 4th, +25% is still a very good idea over another artifact.

Edit: OTOH if I say bought 12.5% additional mercs and maxed out AV and discounted mercs with AP I'd have enough money to buy all the mercs and to bump up the hospitals to a decent level and thus not need so many mercs. Wouldn't have needed a 10X merc for China. HCCC was pretty close once I used an IM on a camp.

Edited 2/2/2024 06:08:38
First Super Ascend plan: 2/3/2024 23:59:58

Level 58
I go with you need at least six artifacts AV, TW, ACB, A$B, HB, and SAC. If you first super with only two you have to dig 4 of those. I break the super into four parts in my head. The levels that IMS doesn't work on, the time it takes to max AM, MD, and IASV, the additional time to finish T4 requirements, and final the additional digging time to come to a good point to super.

The big thing here is 3 artifacts or +.25 AP. Three artifacts really help with stage 1 while +.25 AP helps with stage 2 and 3. As far as insane, only 3 to pick from ITW, IAV, and IA$B. ITW really help in that first super getting the 3 or 4 other artifacts you need i.e. free common everything you use it plus it lets you use SAC 2 or 4 times a day depending on clan rewards. IAV equals never having to worry about cash again. I guess IA$B helps in a great deal in stage 2 and stage 3 if you go the HEX route. Now that I have both IAV and ITW I feel that they are really close but ITW is just a little be better for me. Personally, I would never super without a LAV and at least a RSAC both are just that important to me.

So I recommend ITW, LAV and RSAC or better. If you got to go with 2 artifacts than IAV and LSAC.
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