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Battle rank rewards?: 1/4/2024 03:17:45

Bert Jordan 
Level 42
Is there a list for the battle rank rewards? I just placed 3rd but the battle was so hectic that the window showing the reward was closed. Now it only says that I have unlocked the 3rd secret reward but nowhere does it say what I got.
Battle rank rewards?: 1/4/2024 03:33:31

Level 40
1st Place: Epic Artifact
2nd Place: 100 AP
3rd Place: Inspire Mercenaries Power
4th Place: Rare Artifact
5th Place: Free Cache Power

50 Battle Points: Poor Artifact
100 Battle Points: Time Warp Power
200 Battle Points: Common Artifact
400 Battle Points: Free Cache Power
800 Battle Points: Uncommon Artifact
1600 Battle Points: 50 AP
3200 Battle Points: Rare Artifact
6400 Battle Points: Inspire Mercenaries Power
12800 Battle Points: 300 AP
25600 Battle Points: Epic Artifact
51200 Battle Points: Multi-Level Power
102400 Battle Points: Legendary Artifact
Battle rank rewards?: 1/6/2024 01:52:24

Bert Jordan 
Level 42
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