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Help: How to Create a Map: 1/4/2024 01:10:55

Level 61
Hey. I am attempting to make a map based on one of my favorite shows but i am having trouble finding a thread explaining how to make one.

1. Can anyone link a thread or direct me to the correct spot.

2. How difficult is it to make a map/ make it look clean/ how long would it take?

3. If it’s rather difficult would anyone want to be commissioned with coins if i gave you a drawing of what it would appear like. I could donate 1,000 coins to the cause/or more if the labor to make it is time extensive. Not sure how long a map would take to make.

Either way is fine with me i can make it or have someone else, but if anyone can assist me with at least a starting point that would be greatly appreciated.
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Help: How to Create a Map: 1/4/2024 01:31:27

Level 63
1. wiki: https://www.warzone.com/wiki/Map_Making
discord: https://discord.gg/359W4mkUV9

2. easy to make, hard to make look good. very basic map will take a few hours since you have to learn everything

3. due to time/effort involved, most people never do maps to order, and those that do do it for real money, but you might get lucky and find one willing to take coins (also depends a lot on size/quality of map)
Help: How to Create a Map: 1/4/2024 10:27:10

Level 63
If on browser Help > Frequently Asked Questions > https://www.warzone.com/wiki/Frequently%20Asked%20Questions.

If on app Profile icon in top right > Help > search for Frequently Asked Questions.
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