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Ladder Profile Results: 12/26/2023 20:02:08

Master Turtle 
Level 62
If you looked at a user's ladder profile you would typically see their wins and losses highlighted in Green/Red respectively. Now it is colorless and puts the winner on the lefthand side.

Its not too hard to see on the web but using the app it is a bit tougher to look at quickly.

Anyone else share the sentiment?
Ladder Profile Results: 12/28/2023 12:28:19

Level 56
The wins are still green, it’s just in a small square to the left
Ladder Profile Results: 12/28/2023 15:05:22

Level 59
The new layout is nice, if you want to cope that to a spreadsheet. At least you know, that the winner comes first.


Why the game date is still in that US format?!
I think, during of the AMAs Fizzer said that he liked the YYYY-MM-DD format. Then why did he design a new UI with the old one?
Ladder Profile Results: 12/28/2023 15:06:33

Level 65
I also liked the overview better previously, there should be a clearly visible colour indication
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