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When and how to do market strategy: 11/30/2023 01:35:35

Level 25
I'm a bit confused with market strategy. What advancements should you have for it to work well in the latter maps (Australia onwards). I have an epic AV and I ran out of money towards the end of United States.

How much should you spend on mines, army camps and hospitals?

Should I bother with tech upgrades?

Also, when starting out, should you run for the merc camps, hospitals and markets and ignore joint strikes?

All these are not clear when reading most of the discussions on market strategy.
When and how to do market strategy: 11/30/2023 08:22:23

Level 60
hosp. turn on MS techs on pkmx.github.io to see which techs. red techs mean must craft/smelt or ignore. hosp upgrades to until its not worth it or its enough. US is not good map for market strat, due to smelting some bars

Edited 11/30/2023 08:22:56
When and how to do market strategy: 11/30/2023 08:27:55

Level 61
Yeah it is know that there is a money jump somewhere around those levels. Australia should be fine, but Netherlands is significantly shorter on money. US, China are also very short on money (compared to the levels before that invisible border).

You can mitigate that a bit by investing into Increased Alloy Sell Value and Merc Discount (both phase 2).

And definitely you need to get that AV artifact from epic to legendary.

With those 2 advancements and a leg AV, money should not be an issue on the non-hardened levels at least.
When and how to do market strategy: 11/30/2023 08:38:18

Level 58
Generally the goal is to not spend significant monies on army camps or mines.

You should be working hard to minimise the armies you spend each level. So, Mercs and Hospital upgrades are the biggest costs.

If you are on your first ascension, none of it will work perfectly. You just don't have enough AP.
The more you have misspent AP, the worse that will be.

Be at peace with some of the levels taking uncomfortably long (I think my first US was over a week.

Also, join a clan, ClanRequests, personally tailored advice and ClanWars rewards are all a huge help.
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