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Your first run after you super acend.: 11/3/2023 03:12:35

Morg'th N H'Throg
Level 54
How bad is it. I mean having additional mercs, AV, merc discounts, better hospitals, increased army cache and whatever else I am forgetting plus those artifacts you don't bring with you, it's like playing on easy mode.

I am not really looking forward to losing all that and starting almost from scratch. Money with a really good AV artifact should be fine till I get the AP to help out but I don't think even an Insane A$B would replace all of the above.

How did you all react, do a lot of people just up and quit? Does it pass much easier then it would seem.
Your first run after you super acend.: 11/3/2023 03:29:21

Level 40
Well, it's obviously slower. If you're insistent on doing Idle as fast as possible then it will probably frustrate a bit. If you're prepared to treat it as an idle game for a while it's a lot more tolerable. AV at Legendary+ is a massive boost, of course.

The perceptual difference made from getting desired artifacts early is large. I'm not sure how much of a real difference it makes, though.

You'll run out of money before you can buy all the mercenaries, and then you'll run out of mercenaries before you can complete the level, and then you'll run out of money again before you can buy all the mercenaries.

If you took the AP boost you'll advance faster through the abilities, and if you took the extra artifact you'll have started off better and complete levels faster. Either way, you're still way better off than when you first played. Just channel whatever patience you had back then. :)
Your first run after you super acend.: 11/3/2023 03:32:17

Level 48
You should go much faster through those early levels than you did the very first time. Yes, you'll have to go back to upgrading hospitals and using SACs, but you can avoid the many mistakes you probably made the first time around (so many possibilities!). The combination of knowledge and artis you carry along with you makes a big difference.
Your first run after you super acend.: 11/3/2023 04:20:41

Morg'th N H'Throg
Level 54
Erm, I've been upgrading hospitals still, not to the bleeding edge but one or 2 levels.

I guess I am paranoid over running out of mercs. Also 2 hours to walk away from the game is welcome.
Your first run after you super acend.: 11/3/2023 04:22:50

Level 60
when I SAsc it was quite slow, but I was fine with it because I don't mind treating it as Idle. fully agree with @mrfancyoants

Edited 11/3/2023 04:23:17
Your first run after you super acend.: 11/3/2023 04:35:47

Morg'th N H'Throg
Level 54
I guess I am very used to playing on easy mode for so long. Enough mercs, enough money to buy them. Life is good.
First time around I used powers to speed run the levels. I suppose there are probably enough to do it one more time, by then I'll be at +50% AP and that should make a bit of difference

Edited 11/3/2023 04:36:33
Your first run after you super acend.: 11/6/2023 23:02:37

Level 63
yeah i was very dissapointed with idle when i superascended as well.

no money to pay for anything, no artifacts (my arties spend 10 days upgrading after i supered), and the 2 hour idle time really limited my army camps from achieving anything either, giving me only a little bit of progress when i checked idle during work breaks

once you start getting to the levels with markets things get better tho (assuming you take an AV with you at least), but then you run into the constant problem of either having not enough mercs to spend your money on, or not enough money to buy mercs with

once you hit ~ 100% AM youre back to normal tho, and playing at a decent speed (but sadly still missing a lot of QoL things)
Your first run after you super acend.: 11/14/2023 10:51:50

Level 58
I recently did my first Superascend and it has been a rude awakening. I only have Insane ACacheB, my AV is still upgrading from Epic to Legendary, a couple more days until it is available, so my edge over a true beginner to Idle is slight in terms of speed of play.

What do I miss most? Instant autodraft was alot more convenient than needing to smelt copper for an hour to be able to draft at all. Having to rebuild Joint Strike in 2% increments is weird. I miss multilevel, I was playing three maps simultaneously. I miss being able to sit on thousands of AP before bothering to allocate it.

Ultimately, re-earning stuff is going to be fun, but it is like learning to walk again after a terrible accident, or learning to feed yourself again after a stroke.

The timing of having enough AP to Superascend with my Artifact status drove my decision-making on timing. I only tossed away a couple Uncommons, a couple Commons, a couple Poors. I SuperAscended as soon as I could to avoid more wasted digging. I didn't want to wait months to turn my soon-to-be Legendary AV to Insane, so I felt my hand was forced. So be it.
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