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Wished for Advancements: 11/2/2023 14:04:08

Level 25
What advancements do you wish were available but are not?

I just unlocked Level 4 Advancements and I'm feeling very sad that there's no "Hospital Visibility" advancement.

I'm curious what other advancement ideas y'all have imagined / wished-for.
Wished for Advancements: 11/2/2023 14:05:40

Level 61
Faster hospital upgrades.
Wished for Advancements: 11/2/2023 14:06:02

Level 61
+1 for hospital visibility

and there are plenty of things that could be added as Statistics lvl 5 (total hosp saves etc)
Wished for Advancements: 11/3/2023 11:31:27

Level 63
Reduce cooldown time
Wished for Advancements: 11/3/2023 11:42:33

Level 60
+1 for reduce cooldown
AAQ option to autoconquer only free territories and adjustable % for AQ and AAQ

Edited 11/3/2023 11:42:52
Wished for Advancements: 11/4/2023 04:14:09

Level 25
Another I think I would find convenient is "Largest Territories Visibility" -- something that exposes the top 2 or 3 (up to, say, 30) largest territories on the map.
Wished for Advancements: 11/4/2023 15:14:33

Level 38
- Hospital visibility (QoL)
- Reduced artifact upgrade time (5-day/10-day upgrade times are too much)
- Reduced hospital upgrade time (implemented in ladders rewards already)
- Reduced artifact CD time (implemented in clan wars already)

Bonus: The mortar related rewards from ladders but those should be the default behavior to make them useful.
Wished for Advancements: 11/4/2023 19:21:55

Level 63
I'm surprised you didnt add "auto upgrade artifacts" to that list Xeno 😅
Wished for Advancements: 11/4/2023 20:17:55

Level 60
The only advancements Xeno needs are Auto spent AP and Auto SAsc, along with a way to keep Auto spent AP on SAsc
Wished for Advancements: 11/6/2023 00:04:07

Unicorn 36-4
Level 19
Mortar improvements like increased accuracy to 100%, further distance, reduced load cost/time.
Wished for Advancements: 11/6/2023 00:22:18

Level 60
+1 for mortar. current mortars are more of a joke than my SE1W skills

Edited 11/6/2023 00:22:32
Wished for Advancements: 11/6/2023 05:46:24

Level 30
- advanced auto mine upgrade, upgrades mines based on being able to smelt one of every ingot constantly once that is done upgrade based on best ROI if you sell ore directly.
- advanced auto smelting, change smelters/crafters based on can be made and what is needed for tech nodes.
- auto join WZIB, when you do not actively join a battle the server adds a passive ghost of you(same advancements and artifacts but does nothing active) to the queue, will be kicked by an active player joining the queue. Possibly a member only thing.
Wished for Advancements: 11/6/2023 06:28:45

Level 62
Most important auto-advancement for those who like the leaderboard:
Wished for Advancements: 11/6/2023 16:27:13

Level 23
increase Powers by 5% up to 100%.
Times get longer/amounts larger. Skip Level and Multi Level are only affective at 100%.
Wished for Advancements: 11/22/2023 21:47:38

Level 56
I had some stupid ideas...
Mortar Visibility: Can see the location of 1 mortar. Upgradable to 6 in increments of 1.
Reason for stupidity: Mortars are somewhat useless... especially compared to DT at Insane.
Decreased Negative Bonus Penalty: Decrease how much you need to maintain a negative bonus per second by 5%. Upgradable to 100% in increments of 5%.
Reason for stupidity: Only comes into play on Drakemor's World.
Gislic Visibility: Can see up to 3 territories away from Gislic. Upgradable to 69 in increments of 3.
Reason for stupidity: FBSP spam.
Increased Advancements: Increase the power of advancements by 5%. Upgradable to 100% in increments of 5%.
Reason for stupidity: Negative time breaks everything. Also, what stats would be ready at Statistics lvl. 5?
Market Discount: Decreases the price of alloys and items at markets by 2.5%. Upgradable to 100% in increments of 2.5%.
Reason for stupidity: Wouldn't maximum Market Discount just be an infinite MRP?
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