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Mega Matches: 11/2/2023 05:35:14

Swift N Sly 
Level 58
Why are mega matches so extremely expensive? Especially for members? I feel like members should be allowed to create 1 mega match per month for free or atleast something like that. But the price of a megamatch in coins right now is rediculous. Mega matches really bring the community together and would be an easy way to help lure people to membership if members could make them more easily.

Honestly just for the games health in general, having more mega matches would be hugely beneficial.

Edited 11/2/2023 05:35:52
Mega Matches: 11/2/2023 12:47:54

Level 63
I think the argument for is extra server processing and to prevent overload of big games. Years ago open tournaments didn’t have a creation cost and there were 100s or 1000s of non-starting tournaments. Coin cost fixed that. Same idea might be applied to mega games.
Mega Matches: 11/4/2023 20:53:56

Level 63
Interesting that you bring this up again. When mega games were first introduced, this was discussed as well.

If i remember correctly, we concluded that mega games are expensive because they are something rare, and they are rare because they are expensive.

Making mega games more affordable (cause $18 to make a single WZ game is way way way too much) would result in many mega games being made, reducing their value for players (cause supply and demand), which would lead to even longer times in getting these big games filled. Having only a 1 or 2 mega games open at once ensures the games actually start at some point.

On top of that (but that might just be me) once you're in a couple mega games already, you won't join more cause you've hit a limit.

So whatever ridiculously high price the mega games are these days, in terms of mega games being created and money earned from them, Fizzer probably is high up the curve for profitability there.

The argument for server processing i personally find questionable, since of those 400 players in a mega game had to play 200 1v1 games instead it would also put a load on the server.
Mega Matches: 11/4/2023 20:57:58

Level 59
Fizzer gave his answer to this question during AMA. He said, they are so expensive, because he wants them to be rare and thus noticeable/valuable event by default.
Mega Matches: 11/5/2023 05:11:28

Level 65
That argument would still hold if they were expensive, but gave a significant coins payout to the winner. You obviously can't make the move of just winning your own coins back in a 400 players FFA match.
Mega Matches: 11/5/2023 06:06:44

Level 57
Get your money up, brokie. No, but seriously, Warzone seems so inactive nowadays, regular sized games fill up so slowly as is.
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