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Petition for a teamgame winrate filter - Uservoice: 9/15/2023 09:39:14

Level 58

I would like to suggest a Open Seat filter, just like for 1v1 games.
A basic filter for all "simple" team games i.e. 2 teams of equal size.
It can be set for a specific team size, or aggregated into an overall "team game winrate %".

This way, team games can be filtered with more relevant data than raw 1v1 winrate, which does correlate with team success, but maybe not as strongly.
It will ease the issue of having to block players due to poor communication or selfish play.

Hopefully it is something many here could use, and this gets a response.
Petition for a teamgame winrate filter - Uservoice: 9/15/2023 09:48:54

Level 58
Dear Fizzer,

I also would recommend that.
It happened in the last week that people got really respectless
a filter also would be great not to block so fast other people.
This has such a negative effect.
A lot of people here gets too quick a higher level and dont know how to play in a teamgame
this can be soooo much fun, but can also be a lot of stress and negative discussions
Some of us would be really happy to have more quality games with similar players in a game
1 vs 1 winrate is possible to use in a game, but most of the teamplayers dont play it and therefore a lot of players are great players, but have a bad winrate in the 1 vs 1 games
it would be great to have this option for 3vs3, 4vs4 games

Thx for all here you do
it is a great plattform

Petition for a teamgame winrate filter - Uservoice: 9/16/2023 00:33:10

Level 63
Used to exist as a Flash feature. Only the prerequisites that were commonly used made it (max boot %, min 1v1 win rate, min level, [member only - but only as a toggle when making modded games]).
I think there used to be 2v2 and 3v3 win rate, total boots, move speed (RT and MD), account age, min games played in total and a few more but I don’t remember them.
Edit: found the original prerequisites https://www.warzone.com/wiki/index.php?title=Open_Seat_Prerequisites&oldid=2501

Edited 9/16/2023 00:37:53
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