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A Clan For Beginner: 8/25/2023 08:27:52

The Trooper
Level 14
If you are new to this game and are not well aware of how to play this game, are not very proficient in games and would love to learn tips and tricks to win the game Beep Beep fan club is for you https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=549 We aim to help new players become better at the game before they can join a better clan in line with their interest. We host training tournaments as well as offer one on one training.

Recruiting members from our clan is allowed as our purpose is to guide new players who just started the game become better and fall in love with this game like we have ;)

Note: This forum is just to give information about Beep Beep fan club to new players who check forum, I hope it wouldn't become a troll forum after a couple of hours, as thats not my intension. Alts for the purpose of being a troll are not welcome. If you are a person who also wishes to help new players evolve as a better player, you may train a member of our clan
A Clan For Beginner: 8/26/2023 18:48:32

Level 63
That's cool, good luck Trooper!
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