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The problem with anonymous account: 8/15/2023 14:09:50

Level 43
I've downloaded game yesterday and joined couple of games. Then, after some games in singleplayer, I've got a notification to login. I was surprised that I already had an account somewhat 5 years ago and after resetting password I got into a stupid situation. An anonymous passwordless and mailless account still exists and is present in games that I've joined, but this old account have none of it.

Is there a way to get rid of that anonymous account, and is there a way to get into its place?
I've got a response from some lobbies that they cannot kick that account even if when games don't start yet.

Edited 8/15/2023 14:10:31
The problem with anonymous account: 8/23/2023 18:34:14

Level 63
Anonymous accounts (or ghost accounts as they are more commonly known) have been occasionally issues since forever.

Unfortunately, there is no way to really get access to the old account anymore. That also means that you cannot remove yourself from games you have already joined, or delete the account in its entirety.

Since players cannot be removed from games after joining, the host of those games will have to delete the game and remake it with your new account, or they can start the game and boot your ghost on turn 1.
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