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My first 1v1 ladder win!: 1/8/2015 14:40:57

Level 59
What do you think abou this game. Anything both I and my opponent could improve on? Anything that we did particullary nice/bad? https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=7799021
My first 1v1 ladder win!: 1/8/2015 15:05:33

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
So painful to watch, i stopped after checking your opponents picks
My first 1v1 ladder win!: 1/8/2015 19:26:35

Level 58
There is no need to be rude.

congrats on your first 1v1 ladder victory, to me it looks like you deserved to win that game.
Still there is a lot to improve and i will just point out a few basic things looking at your first 3 turns (and i wont talk about picks here, u picked 6 territories (unlike your opponent), which is nice i guess)

Turn1: you decided to begin with SA, which is okay.
Turn2: even though you had maximum leftovers Turn 1, you decided to deploy your last armie in SA, which shows u didnt forget where your enemy is located, but what if he didnt show up on that turn? He may know you picked SA and finishes his other 2 boni turn 2+3 and then tries to break you through cuba/panama. Maybe u should have attced moscow that turn to at least have a chance of taking a boni turn 3 (also this would have given you one more order to delay your attcs in SA, which, in case your opponent has the great idea of taking a 3pt boni + countering you in SA, could be decisive)
Turn3: You ve found your enemy. You decided to deploy 4 to Ufa and defend SA with 6 each, which is probably not the smartest of all ideas. I am sure u did realize your oppnent finished CA.
He now has 8 income and 3 armies standing at your borders already. He sure knows u finished SA (pretty much unavoidable knowing you started in bolivia). So he may want to destroy your Boni and he may even risk losing CA for doing so. He has got 8+2=10 armies to do so. 10*0.6 = 6 = exactly the number of armies u decided to defend with. So even if you only had 5 armies to deploy there (you should have deployed more) 6 each is the worst decision to make, leaving you with no chance on both sides to defend in case he attcs you.

summed up: a little more forward thinking (in terms of expansion) and try to think of the possibilities your enemies has and how your current orders do against them.
also there was no good reason to delay your +5 card.

There definitely is way more to say about those 3 turns (+ all the others, of course), but i dont think thats what we need here. I only wanted to give you a few hints on where to get started.

Still a nice comeback, even though this may not have been the highest lvl of play
My first 1v1 ladder win!: 1/8/2015 20:12:40

Level 59
Hahahaha lmao Timinator, but congrats on your first win Thedde, but to be honest it was painful to look at :)

Reminds me of myself sometimes when I'm tired :P

Edited 1/8/2015 20:13:04
My first 1v1 ladder win!: 1/8/2015 21:09:52

Level 59
Thanks for the input. I was a bit confused aswell when i looked at the history (like 3 picks, WTF???) and the fact the he sort of... gave up after turn 6-8 (look at the army graphs :P). He tried to blockade Brazil, which failed and he didnt actually tried to push in from CA for some reason. It's one of the more close games i had, but he should have won against me, regardless of his 3-pick only start. He got nice starts. And timi, this is the world of the noobs, i understand why you, a really good pro get stomach ache when you see a game like this. But... at least one of us picked 6 picks ;).

Edited 1/8/2015 21:12:30
My first 1v1 ladder win!: 1/16/2015 17:47:05

Level 55
The whole south america / central america battle is bizarre.

Expand and capture bonuses where you don't have enemies. Stop your enemies bonuses and don't try to defend yours where you're cohabitating. Does that make sense?

And in turn 4, don't close bonuses with 4s attacking 2s. Bad idea.

In turn 6, why doesn't he attack SA with his 12 in AA?

Why does he give up western europe so easily?

Your opponent really struggled...

Regardless, congrats and watch top players' matches, that helps me a lot.

Edited 1/16/2015 17:47:38
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